Calaveras – $1 store craft for Day of the Dead

I tried to make traditional calaveras (skulls) out of sugar for Dia de Los Muertos, (Day of the Dead on November 2nd), but they didn’t come out very well because my local Latino markets didn’t have the molds I wanted to use. I decided I would make them another way.

I saw a creative Etsy crafter had used felt, and was going to make some like that, but then I happened upon ceramic skulls at The Dollar Tree. They were actually 2 for $1.

With just a little craft paint and some creativity – Ta da! A calavera for Dia de los Muertos :)


Painted calavera (left), unpainted calavera (right)

If you want to make one, too, go check your local dollar stores for clearance Halloween decorations. ¡Diviértanse! (Have fun!)

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  1. I am soooo jealous of your artistic talents. That is CRAZY good, yo! :)

    • @Ruthie – I promise you’re capable of doing it. Just look up some pics on the internet to inspire you and have fun!

  2. now thats using your noodle!

  3. tu puedes conseguir los moldes de las calaverias del catalogo de Teachers Discovery. Recuerda que cuando se trabaja con tanta azucar tambien vienen las hormigas

  4. LOL! I bought those for the very same reason. Add a lil dirt or floral foam and you can put marigolds in them too.

  5. Oh, these are great!!!

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