Pasión, even the way most Latinos say it, the word drips with desire or anger, or un otro tipo de passion, because passion is not just love, n’ombre, it is a strength added to every emotion. A life sin pasión? No manches! That is a life not worth living.

The passionate Latino – Is it a stereotype? Is it truth? I can only say what I know, and I know Latinos to be a passionate people. It is an admirable trait – one that produces heroes willing to fight and even die for a cause, unforgettable all-consuming loves, and fierce loyalty, but it can also override the prized Anglo virtue of “sensibility”. Pasión is emotion, as puro as 100 proof Tequila, and it can burn in the same way. Pasión does not stop to think. Chale! Pasión acts, consequences be damned.

In a marriage, pasión can be at times romantic, and at other times exhausting. A passionate man is just as likely to be violently hot-tempered as he is to bring you flowers and then kiss you from head to toe. Sometimes you don’t know which you’re going to get.

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  1. Oh, I have no idea what you mean, my Hubby just is as calm and predictable and sensible as any one…..HAHAHAHA! Loving, yes, romantic, yes, crazy and irrational and shocking, yes. I like that my husband can keep me on my toes. Pobracita la mujer que no intiende….

    • Humincat – It makes it so hard to understand how people become bored with each other. LOL.

      Exhausting it is, but boring it is not.

  2. Pasión… unos chingazos bien dados, pero no te digo con que je je je.

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