Ever seen a Moonwalk in chanclas?

This weekend while the familia López was out and about, we had to stop at the gasolinera. Well, while the niños were waiting for their Tata to pay at the register, they started dancing around in the aisles. (They definitely aren’t as shy as I am!) … Luckily, I had my new little Flip Video camera on me.

6 thoughts on “Ever seen a Moonwalk in chanclas?

  1. Oh my God! he is adorable! and a truely latino too ^^
    I believe that doing Moonwalk in chanclas is the hardest thing ever, but for sure your son is an expert on it.

  2. Your kids are awesome!

    My kids have done the same…broken out into dance and song in public. And they say I’M embarassing! LOL!

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