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Checa esto! I have a small piece, (“Diferencias Culturales En Los Cumpleaños”) on page 47 of the June/July issue of Ser Padres, (Spanish language counterpart of Parents magazine!)

Oye, I know I didn’t win a Latin Grammy but I want to take this opportunity to give a special gracias to my family, friends and readers who have encouraged me to keep writing, to the bloggers and writers who have mentored me and allowed me to guest post, and to my husband for putting up with my locuras.

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like a good article – can we read this online too?

    • Señora López

      @ Maria – Thanks! I was told it will be online, but I don’t see it just yet. If I find it, I will link it here!

  2. Congrats! That’s fantastic news. Can’t wait to read the article online.

    • Señora López

      @ Yoly – For those who are impatient to read it, this is an earlier Spanglish version that I wrote which appeared on my blog back in November 2009. (The SerPadres version was translated completely to Spanish but is otherwise almost the same):

      The Differences Between an Anglo kid’s Birthday party and a Latino kid’s Birthday party

      #1. Who gets to come?

      Anglo – Those whose names are written on the invitation.

      Latino – Those whose names are written on the invitation, plus their uncles, cousins, and sometimes random neighbors who had nothing better to do that day.

      #2. What time should we come?

      Anglo – The time is right there on the invitation.

      Latino – An hour late, or else the hosts won’t be ready when you arrive.

      #3. Food Etiquette

      Anglo – Eat only what is given to you. Don’t ask for seconds even if you’re really hungry.

      Latino – Eat as much as you want and then ask for plates to take home leftovers for eating later or to bring to family members who didn’t feel like coming.

      #4. Singing, dancing, music

      Anglo – The only music heard is when the kids sing “Happy Birthday” at cake time. Dancing is rare, but when it happens, it is usually the “Hokey Pokey”.

      Latino – WHAT?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD! … Adults dance Perreo in front of the kids, no importa.

      #5. Alcohol?

      Anglo – Of course not! What’s wrong with you?! It’s a CHILDREN’S birthday party!

      Latino- Claro que sí! … The cerveza is there in the cooler, hermano!

      #6. Entertainment

      Anglo – A strict schedule of organized activities and games for the children.

      Latino – Niños, go play in the street or something. Stop bothering the grown ups! We’ll do the piñata later! Hijole!

      #7. What’re we eating?

      Anglo – Probably pizza.

      Latino – Steak, chicken, rice, beans, salad, tortillas, etc. Load your styrofoam plate up until it’s ready to crack under the weight.

      #8. When does the party end?

      Anglo – Refer to your invitation. Thank your hosts and excuse yourself on the dot. Clear out!

      Latino – Party until everyone’s tired and/or Tio Eduardo passes out on the couch while watching a fútbol game.

  3. Congrats! Exciting news!

  4. Very cool! Congratulations!

  5. You are hilarious! You really write it how it is…you definitely deserve to be published! Felicidades! You’re one of my favorite blogs…and I even make my husband read it sometimes.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on the article! You really have have a insight into Latino culture and it should continued to be shared with others. Great Job!

  7. I remember that post!

  8. Congrats! I loved that post!! I felt so identified!!! Muchas Felicidades!!!

  9. I am SOOOOO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wooo wooo! I can now say I know somebody who is published! This calls for drinks!

  11. YAYYY :)

    (PS: I usually read you via google reader- so this is probably belated- but great new look to your site!)

  12. AWESOME!

    And can I tell you how excited I am to find a spanish parents magazine. I have been searching at work to see if I could one for the family I work with. Woooo!

  13. Tracy, I’ve read this essay more than once and I still laugh out loud como una loca each and every single time because you capture the differences perfectly!

    I’ve been particularly guilty of #2 and I really don’t remember not having alcohol at any of my daughter’s bday parties even when they started as early as 11:30 am, jajaja! What a trip! Now I know why my gringa neighbor enjoys herself so much at our bday parties…

    Congratulations! Qué excelente!

  14. Wow! Congratulations! You just need to be patient and we will see a book written for you soon!

  15. I am so very proud of you mujer!!!! Really proud!!!!

  16. How can I subscribe Spanish parents magazine

    • Laura – unfortunately I don’t know if you can. I think that the Spanish version is just made available for free at libraries and doctor’s offices, etc.

  17. Ser Padres es excelente y mas para las familias de niños con discapacidades y familias de bajos recursos esa poblacion es la que trabajo y me interesaria recibirla para hacerla llegar a estas familias. Me gustaria recibirla para poder distribuirla a esta poblacion. La Corporacion se llama Pasitos del Saber mi nombre es Ana Quiles y mi direccion es Corales de Hatillo calle 7 B18 Hatillo P.R. 00659 mi email es

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