My husband…Manolo?

I wanted to write about all the things I love about my husband, so I started to make a list. Some of the things I love are his voice, his accent, (in Spanish and English), his laugh. I decided to record him talking, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. He was tired and being stubborn… and then he got downright silly.

And as if I haven’t already shown how weird I am, this video confirms it. If you’re wondering why I wanted him to say “lagartija” (lizard), it’s because I love the way that word sounds in Spanish. I don’t know what it is, but that word makes me a little weak in the knees, (native Spanish speakers are laughing at me right now. Está bien.) … I love the word so much that Espinoza Paz’s “La Lagartija” is like a love song to me.

Other words I was trying to get my macho to say were my name and his name, because I like the way he says those, too.

To my native English speaker friends, which words do you love to hear in Spanish? … Native Spanish speaker friends, which words do you love to hear in English?

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  1. I haven’t thought of a word that I really like the most… I’m going to think and let you know!

    BTW Love the audio-videos, they definitely keep me curious!

  2. Lagartija IS a great word. I mean, it doesn’t get me going or anything, but it definitely makes me smile. Maybe because my husband calls the kids that sometimes? Anyway, I’ll have to go on the big computer asap to watch this video, and btw, aren’t they ALWAYS a little tired, stubborn, and silly? I think if you throw in horny, that would describe most of our men 98% of the time, no? :)

  3. I thought it was a very romantic video… he may have been stubborn, but he was obviously still enjoying himself (and mostly the attention from YOU!)

  4. Tracy, this is an adorable recording. Carlos messes with you the same way my husband messes with me when I want him to do something like that. I laughed so hard when he said his name was Charlie Brown.

    As you know, I’m also a lagartija lover. Maybe we should make tshirts? ;)

    • @ Maura – Lagartija Lovers T-shirts … lol.

      He said his name was “Charlie Brown” because when he was unemployed and no one was responding to his resumes, we joked that we should change his name to “Charlie Brown” at the top to see if he got a job offer. LOL.

  5. That is just too cute. My hubby would look at me crazy and turn around if I tried to make him speak en Español for my blog. So kudos to you for getting him to say something!

    Gees favorite word/s: In Spanish– it would have to be Helicóptero and in English– Refrigerator. ‘Cuz I had trouble saying both when I was little. LOL

  6. Man! THAT was super sexy! I was totally picturing you guys post sex! Is that how you guys always talk to each other, all breathy and quiet? Man! I think I need a cold shower, lol.

    • @ Humincat – LOL!!! … Oh God, you’re going to make me cry from laughter. This audio was not taken post-sex, I swear! LOL. I did crawl into the bed because that’s where he was trying to take a siesta. We don’t talk like that all the time. It sounds that way because we were face to face and so we could talk quietly. (We didn’t have to shout over the usual noise of Suegra on the phone while watching a telenovela and the niños running around.) ;)

  7. A few years back I used to work for a gringo engineer from whom I learned a lot about American culture. He once told me he just LOVED the word “pendejo”. He would never miss a chance to say “what a fucking pendejo”, and you could tell how much he enjoyed uttering the last word.

  8. Oh yeah, I just remembered I love the slang/cuss word Chingado, chinges, chingando, chingadera, y chingow! Hahaha!

  9. I love this video. You guys are a sweet couple.
    I always liked the word muchedumbre…but never actually used it in a sentence…I always say mucha gente. And just the other day, I heard the word independientemente and thought that was fun to say. But I think I like your word, too.

  10. That’s really cute. As a baby I would say “directorio” all the time. It was my favorite word.

  11. I have a lot of favorite words and phrases in Español:
    Although I don’t really know the literal translation, I love to say “Mis polainas!” Also topping off the list are “pompis”, “burbujas”, “Que barbaridad!”, and “Pinche buey!”.

  12. ¡Pobre Carlitos Serapio Marrón! ¡Estaba cansado!

  13. My favourite French word is “grapefruit” which is something like pompomouse… I just think it’s fantastico!

  14. I love this! And your husband is sweet.


  15. LOL, I loved the recording. So funny :)
    I have always loved the verb “cambiar” for some reason…and the phrase “otra vez” :)
    They just sound muy bien to me!

  16. My family members always said “ay que chula, Mija” I still love that phrase! And my husband laughs at me when I say “ay Dios mio!” , mainly because he’s been around my family who speak Spanglish tex-mex, and I sound like such a white girl!

  17. My family members always said “ay que chula, Mija” I still love that phrase! And my husband laughs at me when I say “ay Dios mio!” , mainly because he’s been around my family who speak Spanglish tex-mex, and I sound like such a white girl! Oh, and “chanclas”, and the “cucuoy”. Haha!

  18. That was sooooooo cute! I laughed at Charlie Brown and the other names…. and your accent sounds my gringa ears. I have been stalking this site off and on. I am quite interested in El Salvador and the culture, and your family seems so nice. That lagartija does sound pretty amazing. “Suficiente” sounds pretty neat as well. It is hard to choose a favorite word in Spanish though.

    • Hi A! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for stalking us :)

      I agree that choosing a favorite word in Spanish is difficult – I have many! (And I have words I hate in both Spanish and English as well.)

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