I drew this little comic after observing many familias Latinas who love peluches (stuffed animals/plush toys), so much, that they display them proudly in the living room. Don’t pretend I’m making this up, gente. If you don’t do it, you know a Latino/a who does!

Posted on October 7, 2010, in Anglo vs. Latino, art, humor. Bookmark the permalink. 15 Comments.

  1. That made me cry laughing …. Did you see my sofa before sketching it? (The one on the right) LOL

    • Señora López

      @ Veronica – Glad you liked it. Haven’t seen your sofa but it must look like some friends’ of mine. LOL.

  2. How did you know my sofa looks like this?!?!?!

    just kidding(kind of),

    • Señora López

      @ Marcela – To be fair, you’re the mother of a little girl – maybe she’s to blame?… If your sofa still looks like this when she’s older, then we can laugh ;)

  3. @customcreative

    Hahaha! I can’t say I have noticed this on sofas, but in rear windows of cars, absolutely, lol!

  4. Well, and you’re an artist, too. Cute drawings for a sweet observation.

    • Señora López

      @ Rita – Thanks :) I actually used to draw more than I wrote but now I’m a little rusty as far as art. Glad you liked the drawings anyway.

  5. That is so true!!! My sofas are the gringo type but nearly all my relatives & in-laws love to crowd their sofas with stuff. Ay!! Los peluchos!! LOL!!!

    • Señora López

      @ Catalina – Same for me – my sofas are gringo, at least now that the kids are older and don’t leave their toys around, but my in-laws’ sofas are covered in peluches. Quite a few family friends “decorate” in this way, too. LOL :)

  6. Hilarious. LOL

    You forgot the plastic cover. LOL

    For your next installment, draw the backseat of a car. The latino one is the one with the zarape or flag seat cover. LOL

    • Señora López

      @ Cheleguanaco – I had a Mexican blanket over the backseat of my car in high school. Had no idea it was a “Latin” thing to do – I was just trying to cover the ugly interior of the hand-me-down car I had at the time. lol

      • These drawings are hilarious and they are transporting me to my grandmother’s living room. Her sofa was just like this one. She didn’t have “peluches”,but she had a huge collection of ceremic dolls, and of course, with a plastic cover.

      • @ cuerpoadentro – Glad this gave you sweet memories of your Abuelita :)

      • LOL (high school car)…

        wait, you had a car in high school?? LOL

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