29 thoughts on “Feliz Trick-or-Treat!

    • @ Federico – I don’t know about “just like her” but thanks for your very generous comment. As for “Diego” (Carlos) – he’s watching TV and takes a break every now and then to come laugh at my uni-ceja. LOL. He wouldn’t dress up! :(

  1. TRACY…. I love it. The boys look great and you look amazing! The photo is pretty dramatic with the a dark vibe! Wait to see my pictures.. I look like a clownish Frida (oh well!)

    • I E-mailed it. LOL. For the record, if you missed the photo and I’ve seen you around my blog before, just ask me if you want to see it that badly and I’ll E-mail it to you.

    • @ Grace – I couldn’t afford the nice formal sombreros and I didn’t want them to look too cheesy or stereotypical with dollar store style straw ones… Not all mariachi wear sombreros so I figured it was fine that way. (Though a couple people had the same question when they trick-or-treated.)

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