Órale, el alfabeto

Teaching your kids the alphabet in Spanish? Chécalo! I love this song. Seriously. I sing it all the time. By myself. When the kids aren’t even here.

Link: More fun videos from Basho & Friends.

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  1. lmao…where do u find this crap?/

    • @ La Cabrona – If by “crap” you mean “awesomest alphabet song EVER”, then I find it by lacking priorities and thus spending an inordinate amount of time wandering the internet. Don’t tell anyone my trade secret though ;)

  2. I’m glad you have the time to find this stuff…and that you tell us. The kids will love the video. Thanks!


  3. Oh, but our favorite over here in our fam is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7R-QkOXgcU

    Can’t help dancing around the house. :)

  4. hmmm I’m a Spanish teacher, and I would love to use it, but my high school students might laugh at it. I love it though – it’s so adorable! I might try it next year with my Spanish I students, who knows?

    • @ Elsie – Hey, give it a try! Some of the best memories from school are when we got to laugh at things during class, (and believe it or not, those are the times I learned the most because I was completely engaged!)

  5. Que chulo! We’re just at this stage now and I’m always looking for good stuff in Spanish. Thanks!

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