Mi Espinozita

I listen to Espinoza Paz in the car, (a lot) and apparently I have successfully brainwashed my youngest child, (who can’t escape to an iPod like his older brother.)

Lately I’ve noticed him singing along. While there is some mumbling over lyrics he hasn’t yet grasped, and some [adorable!] mistakes, he is my Espinozita para siempre. I’m proud of how far his Spanish has come, even if he isn’t fluent. He reluctantly agreed to let me record him and share it. (Qué valor!) … So I present to you… UN TALENTO NUEVO … Espinozita!

11 thoughts on “Mi Espinozita

    • When you say “older”, you mean like by next week, right? LOL… I think he regretted it even as he did it but he’s an indulgent little guy. (I had to beg him to do it on camera.) He refuses to watch the video now but he hopes everyone else likes it :)

  1. I loved it! A very brave boy you have there…and the cutest singer!!! I love it when I hear my six year old singing in the backseat and he doesn’t realize I’m listening. So sweet. And now I think I might just go buy the CD! If Espinoza Paz sees this, you know you just might get to meet him, right?

    • Susan, I love hearing them sing in the backseat too :) One of my favorite things.

      As for Espinoza – he is one of the few musicians where I like every single song and can stomach the idea of shelling out money for an entire CD. He’s just fantastic – his songs, personality, etc. Love him :)

      I doubt I’ll ever get to meet him. He has a lot of fans, some of them are pretty single women who are a lot more persistent than me. jajaja… Since I’m married, I think it’s best if Espinoza keeps his distance. I’ll have to love him from afar ;)

  2. This is so cute! My daughter likes to sing along *loudly* with Marc Anthony (yes. I am the only person on earth still listening to Marc Anthony). I’m going to show my daughter this…maybe someday they can duet :-)

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