Two Lines

La Familia López received a surprise this Navidad that did not quite fit in a box under the tree. After considering that maybe the extra roundness in my belly may not in fact be due to eating too many cookies, I realized what it must mean. So, Christmas Day I managed to find a gas station that carried the test that I sought. I couldn’t wait to get home, and didn’t want to alarm Carlos, so I took it there in the gas station bathroom. The result? …Two lines. Do you know what two lines means? Ay Dios mio.

…Okay, I can’t do this. I can’t go any further. Jajajajaja!

¡Feliz Día de Los Inocentes!

(“Innocents Day” is like April Fool’s Day in Latin America and is celebrated on December 28th. It is a day to play tricks on people… This blog post is a joke! Te juro – I am NOT knocked up.)

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  1. Jajajaja, ¡me lo he creido todo!
    Indcluso me había emocionado.
    You, little lier :*

    Millones de besos.


    You’re good…

  3. You crack me up girl! I totally fell for it! ¡Feliz Día de Los Inocentes!

  4. I’m relieved you all have a sense of humor. I almost didn’t post this because I felt guilty. LOL. Carlos said, “You’re playing with fire” when he read the post. He thinks that I jinxed us by playing this trick & that now I’ll get knocked up for real. Jijiji…

    • that was my first thought too-soy tan supersticiosa!
      so now we wait for the actual pregnancy announcement coming soon……

    • That’s why I wrote my Santos Inocentes post about closing my blog. I asked Hubby if I should write it about being pregnant to which he answered, “Yeah and have you find out you’re really pregnant 3 months from now? No thank you!”

      But great prank! I almost believed you! :)

  5. The thought of someone actually doing a pregnancy test at a gas station bathroom is beyond hilarious. LOL

  6. Awesome. I was the only one who remembered el Día de los Inocentes around here, so I appreciated the prank!!

  7. Love this!

    My mom used to always say, “If you spit in the wind, it will fall in your face.” Be afraid! LOL!

  8. LOL! Tracy! Well either way you made me happy today! you made me laugh at your joke but even when i thought it was true i was very very happy and excited for you ! lol que loca! :)

  9. Traixy….. casi salgo “chipusteada” para Carter’s (one of my fav baby-clothes’ store) Caí en la trampa de EL Día de los Inocentes”. Espero hayas disfrutado el habernos “enganchado” por unos segundos, aunque te diré la noticia de que hubieras estado “panzona” hubiera sido linda!!!

    • Jaja :) Perdoname, amiga – I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I’m usually not very skilled about playing tricks on people because I can’t keep a straight face, pero en un blog, no puedes ver me laughing while I type! ;)

      A mi, me gusta la tienda Carter’s también, pero ahora solo voy comprando para mi hermana que está “panzona” de verdad.

      I will admit, after meeting a friend recently and her adorable 7 month old – I have a terrible case of baby fever, but Carlos and I aren’t planning on another cipote :( … I will have to console myself with my new niece in a couple months. (And the good thing about this baby is that I can go home and get a good night’s sleep whenever I want!) jijiji

  10. you had me going! I thought “oh crap, this is why I can’t get behind on reading blogs. I didn’t get to wish Tracy felicidades!”

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