13 years

Today Carlos and I have been married 13 years. As usual, we don’t have enough chirilicas to buy anything for each other – but that’s okay. No amount of money in the world can buy what we have together and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This isn’t to say our marriage is perfect – far from it! Truth be told, we can be downright dysfunctional. There is passion – passion that leads to some of the hottest fights you’d never want to see, (though the passion is good for other things, too.) …One thing is for sure, it’s never boring y ojalá our love for each other will always win out in the end.

Ya tú sabes, te quiero un chingo, Carlos.

El Guanaco + La Güera
(a poem for Carlos)

What more can I say,
que ya no te dijé,
me gusta como dices
“pata” en vez de “pie.”

Tu Caliche makes me crazy
y tu familia de otra manera
aunque me llamen “Traisy”
I’m proud to be tu güera.

Sabes que te agradezco
for all the things you do
Tú trabajas muy fuerte
To buy mis Bubu Lubus.

The truth is that without you,
(and our two cipotes)
Yo ando bien perdida
igual a Don Quixote.

Ahora voy a decirte,
In front of all these gente,
Eres mi guanaco,

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  1. happy anniversary!! 13 is a great (and impressive) number!

  2. Puro amor! Congratulations. Blessings, Yolanda

  3. Cute poem, Happy Anniversary to you and Carlos.

  4. Como siempre, palabras sinceras del corazon. You’re work is incomparable to anything out there. Nobody has as much pasion and style as you…and believe me I know what you mean about marriage not being easy. Sometimes los pleitos just get the better of us.

    Anyway congratulations on the 13 years – que se conviertan en muchisimos mas llenos del mismo amor – and also on your new project with Latina Bloggers!

  5. Felicidades! May all your married days be filled with amor, pasion and some peace too. :)

    P.s. I still haven’t figured out the accentos on my keyboard.

  6. Los felicito! Que bien para uds.

    Me hizo reir esta parte: y tu familia de otra manera


  7. aww cute poem! Happy Anniversary

  8. Felicidades!! Love the poem. You got married on my birthday!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Here’s to 13 more- and even more beyond that still!

  10. Traisy, felicidades! Que Dios les bendiga con mucho amor, paz y pasión. Deseándote lo mejor!

  11. Congratulations on the 13th!!!! Many, many more too. Beautifully written and expressed words. Abrazos to you both as well as to your children!

  12. Que bonito poema! Happy anniversary to you!

  13. Felicidades Tracy! Loved your poem (already said that on Twitter, but still)!
    Wow… 13 años.. Blessings on the next 26 and counting!!!

  14. lo adorable! feliz aniversario!

  15. Me encanta que te compre Bubu Lubus! :) You are absolutely amazing, my friend

  16. I just want to thank all of you for your kind wishes and felicitaciones! {Abrazos!}

  17. Lindas palabras y lindo poema! Carlos se sacó la loteria contigo.
    Que sigan muuuuchos años juntos y Dios bendiga siempre a tu familia!

  18. Feliz aniversario! 13 years is awesome! And I loved the poem. :-)

  19. Me encantó, encantó el poema!!! Gotta love Spanglish, jajaj!!!

    Felicidades a ti y a Carlos, Tracy! Here’s to eternal amor!!

    Un abrazo fuerte!!

  20. Happy belated anniversary! May you continue to have many more happy (and passionate) years together!

  21. Belated felicidades! I love your poem. Es tan linda! Your stories give hope to this lovelorn Gringa. Best wishes for many many more happy years…

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