Which airline?!

For Valentine’s I wanted to bring Carlos and the boys to a Planetarium since they had never been. We ended up in D.C. at the Air and Space Museum. Unfortunately, our Planetarium show happened to be about black holes – not very romantic. I will have to bring Carlos to see one about constellations another day.

Anyway, while we were walking around waiting for our show, I spotted this airplane and started laughing.

I can only imagine they don’t provide luxury flights.

(Apparently “NACA” stands for “National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.”)

For those who don’t speak Spanish, “naca” – (or “naco” for a male), is slang for a lower class person.

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  1. jaja Funny name! Well better NACA than CACA!!!

  2. QUE CHISTOSO!!! Yup, I´m guessing this airline would never fly south of the border, huh? ;D
    Happy day!

  3. Jajaja. We call them “pelagatos”, here, en la Argentina.

  4. Interesting I must say…. you have the best of both interpretation :D

    • Hey, Shionge :) Are there any similar controversial words in Singapore? What are those from the United States called there?

  5. jaja unless you’re chilanga!We’ll be naca over fresa any day!

  6. This cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh! I’m going to look for it next time we’re at the A&S ;)

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