White Socks

I am not a fashionista. It has only been in recent years that I have dared step beyond jeans, T-shirts and chanclas to mix it up a little and try to find my own unique style, (which still involves an inordinate amount of jeans, T-shirts and chanclas.)

That being said, for some reason, Suegra looks up to me as if I’m a hot celebrity who is up on the latest trends. Should Suegra have a fashion question, it is me she consults. I do my best to advise her, with the very little fashion knowledge that I possess.

So, the other day Suegra comes to me modeling some new shoes. They were formal black, women’s shoes… and she was wearing them with white socks. I told her that unless she’s Michael Jackson, a Catholic school girl, or wearing a poodle skirt, that white socks with black shoes were absolutely unacceptable.

A few days later, we’re getting into my car to run errands. Suegra points to my shoes, outraged.

“White socks! You said no white socks with black shoes! Why are you wearing white socks?!”

I look at her confused, look down at my shoes, and then back at her.

“I’m not wearing white socks,” I said. “That’s my skin.”

Maybe a little time in the sunshine wouldn’t hurt.

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  1. OH !!

    I am laughing so hard!!!

  2. ay amiga… tienes que venir “al sur” a que te de un poquitín de sol! Y de paso, llevar a suegra a Lens Crafters para unos lentes!

  3. ah… se me olvidó preguntar. Para dónde iba suegra con zapatos negros formales y calcetines blancos? Talvez medias (nylons) pero calcetines? Ay esta Suegra Jackson y sus locuras! Pero se le quiere!!!!!

  4. Hahahahaha!

  5. jajajajaja pero bien que se fijo la doña! no se la va ni una!

  6. Thank you for a hearty Monday morning laugh! So sorry it has to come at the expense of your “pigment impaired” feet. :D

  7. Too funny!!!!
    My skin is more of a glowing pale lavender, My skin is so thin and pale that you can see under it… ewwwwww.

    Thank you for a terrific way to start the week – laughing out loud!

  8. Buenísimo!!! Qué risa!!! jajajaja!!!

  9. Tracy, it’s nice to meet you! That’s just too freaking funny. Cute zapatos, btw. *smiles big*

  10. In your defense…if you live anywhere in the northeast, we have not had “tanning” weather so we could all use some time in the sun.

    Still this post cracks me up! :)

  11. Ay, que suegrita. You need to get out in the sun a bit more barefoot!

  12. jajajajajjaaja! that is awesome. :-)

  13. You and I both have been accused of wearing white socks con zapatos negros…. LOL

    (I live in Los Angeles,CA… whats my excuse hahahhaa)

  14. OMG i think i just fell out of my chair from laughing so hard! that was great Tracy!!!! that reminds me of my suegras saying to my husband, “she’s soooo WHITE” LOL I loved this post!!!

  15. Jajaajaja! Yes, me too! Yo tengo el color de leche. I don’t go to the beach as I may blind people jeje :)

  16. Rotfl! I was readibg this while nursing my son to sleep and woke him up with my laughter!

  17. Too funny, Tracy! Estas MUY blanca! :)

  18. Que blanca eres…You need some sun…Can’t wait till summer…Very funny though..I love your humor

  19. HAHAHAH! Your feet and my um, everything, are the same color!

  20. I’m rolling all over the floor! Too funny!

  21. Too funny!! You crack me up! My mom has very fair skin too. She rarely wear shorts or skirts b/c it embarrasses her; her legs are as white as milk. I could see why your mother-in-law got confused. :D

  22. jajajajajaja! Too crazy! I loved it!

  23. How funny! What do you think of chanclas with white socks? My teen son wears them sometimes and I think it is horrible!

    • LOL – Younger kids can pull that sort of thing off. My husband wears socks with his chanclas but only around the house!

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