10 años

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Los vemos antes de que nos vean. Él es Latino, ella es una gringa – los dos son jóvenes, sin hijos, como nosotros hace más de diez años atrás. Parece que ellos están en un pleito, (de qué, ¿quién sabe?)- peleando sobre algo que no van a recordar en diez años, o aún mañana. El inglés chapurreado de él, y la voz bajita de ella, es como una de mis propias memorias. Ahora, nos ven, otra pareja igual que ellos, pero sonriendo, felices, tomados de la mano, con dos hijos creciendo a nuestro lado. Tal vez vean que una relación como la nuestra, puede funcionar, que todo va a estar bien. Que a pesar de los retos encontrados en un matrimonio como el nuestro, pueden vivir felices para siempre. Ellos caminan en la otra dirección.

Él toma la mano de ella.


English Translation:

10 Years

We see them before they see us. He’s Latino, she’s a gringa – both young, no children, like us over ten years ago. They seem to be arguing, over who knows what – something they won’t remember ten years from now, or even tomorrow. His broken English and her hushed tones sound like a memory. They see us then, another Latino and gringa couple, smiling, happy, holding hands, with two half-grown children by our side. Maybe they see that it can work, that it will be okay. That despite the challenges encountered in a marriage like ours, you can live happily ever after. They walk off in the other direction.

He takes her hand.

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  1. Love your post! I think about this often too. We definitely need to see more couples like our own out there…it makes things seem workable, even when you’re family and society says you will fail. Awesome post amiga. <3

    Leaving my link this time, because I always forget to do that! ;) http://www.biculturalmom.com/2011/06/03/%C2%A1el-gato-loco-spanish-friday/

  2. I think this is the sweetest and most moving post I’ve read from you so far. It brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips. Thank you.

  3. Rebecca Burke

    Me encanta este cuento.

  4. Loved this post hermana. In just a few words me has pintado una imagen tan vibrante. Gracias. Aqui te dejo my #SpanishFriday contribution:

    La Fortuna De Ser Padre http://bit.ly/m7UABx

  5. Que chulo!

  6. I got misty eyed at that one, seriously that was sweet.

  7. Aww cute story I tend to look at older Interracial couples and it really does give me a warm feeling of hope.

    Here is my post on bath time with the kiddos http://www.growingupblackxican.com/2011/06/aventuras-in-la-hora-de-bath-spanish.html

  8. My goodness Tracy! Between you and Juan i needed some tissues today! Great post. I too look at couples similar to my husband and I and think about how far we’ve come, the challenges we faced, our beautiful son etc…
    Loved your post amiga!
    Here’s mine http://meandthemexican.blogspot.com/2011/06/spanish-friday.html

  9. Beautiful, hermoso, inspirador, straight to the heart because of its sincerity. Wow Tracy.
    You guys are a beautiful couple, so enamorados and that shows in your amazing chamacos. Congratulations amiga, and more blessings to come!

  10. I can only think of two words for this post…Beautiful and inspiring!

  11. Awwwww, what a beautiful post Tracy! Loved it!

  12. Heart In Hand

    That’s how I feel when I see old people at the mall holding hands. “I want to be like them!”

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