Chévere Finds

Somehow I manage to find products with Latin sabor wherever I shop, even in places you wouldn’t expect it. I don’t buy everything I see, as tempting as that would be, but I’ve started snapping photos. Here are a few of the more chévere things I discovered.

Shirt $5 at Five Below.

Piñatas at K-Mart. (I’m chaparrita and the shelf was too high to check the price.)

RumChata. Rum and horchata = awesome. You can drink it on the rocks, in coffee, in mixed drinks – I even made french toast with it. Cost, around $23 at your local liquor store if you’re lucky. (Thanks to Victory for telling me about it!)

Mango Cilantro candles at Bath & Body Works. $9.50 for the small size. (Huelen ricas!)

I don’t know enough about Vicente Fox to know whether this is a chévere find or not, but his book is $1 at Dollar Tree.

Disclosure: None of these companies or brands paid me or asked me to mention them.

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  1. These are super-cool! Especially like the “taco” meets “hot sauce” tee and mango-cilantro candle. Actually, the “rumchata” looks good, too … scratch that — me gustan todos. *LOL*

  2. RumChata sounds delicious! And with French toast even better! I’m gonna look for it!

  3. I need to try some of that RumChata! Thanks for the tip!

  4. claudiadelcid

    Vicente Fox en el Dollar Store! Funny! Me quedo con la RumChata! Esa candela de mango CIlantro… get it away from me because knowing me, I’ll lick it or have a chunk of it!

  5. aye Naka… ni se kien es el Vicente Fox pero se parece guey lol…. me ENCANTO ESTA POST!!! I need some Mango Cilantro… and that shirt is soooooOOOOooooo ME! pero mejor un taco truck and then a heart lol …and rum chata… wow amiguis u find the best stuff… im gonna look for that!

  6. Oh!! Quiero la candle! No la habia visto…MUST HAVE!

  7. I want the taco t-shirt! Too cute! Thank for the mention : ) I was in Boston last weekend with my other sister Tracy (lol) & we were trying to find Rumchata, but no luck. I’ll guess I’ll have contact them on where to find it.

  8. Jaja! Vicente Fox a un dollar! Buenísimo! That pic would be a great running joke here in México. Jiji!! Love the post and the great finds!

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