Ya me voy!

I’m currently traveling to El Salvador with limited internet access. If you leave a comment that goes into moderation, please be patient. I’ll approve it when I get a chance.

For those of you still participating in Spanish Friday on the dates of July 29th and August 5th, leave your links in the comments of this post so you can visit each other.

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  1. Buena suerte traeme un souvenir.

    • Rudy, I was thinking about bringing back a thing or two for a giveaway since it’s impossible to buy for all of you guys – vamos a ver!


  2. Have a blast, Tracy! Can’t wait to hear about todas tus aventuras. Portate bien. <3

    • “portate bien” … jajaja… Why does everyone tell me to behave? … Now that wouldn’t be very much fun ;)

      As for telling you about my aventuras when I return – that I will give you!

  3. Que te la pases super, hermana! And remember… only tears of joy this time :-)

  4. Buen viaje amiga! Que te vaya muy bien y que te diviertes mucho!

    I had a dream last night that you and your Hubby had a layover in Guadalajara and ended up coming to my house!

  5. Buen viaje Amiga! I can’t wait to hear about your visit! Have fun!!

  6. Hola!! Que disfrutes mucho Tracy :) Here is my Spanish Friday.

  7. Heeey amiga! Dropped by para ver si había noticias tuyas. ¡Se te extraña! Pero no news is good news, right? Que se la sigan pasando muy bien! Abrazos a todos!

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