Hola! Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments! For English Translation, scroll down!

Estabamos andando en el carro de nuestro amigo Lalo, por una calle de San Salvador.

“En esta area tienen que tener cuidado con los pedreros,” dijó Lalo desde el asiento del conductór.

“Son muy peligrosos,” agregó, levantando un dedo en advertencía.

“¿Pedreros?” dijé yo, desde el asiento tracero.

“Sí,” dijó Lalo, mirandome por el espejo retrovisor.

‘Pedreros’ era una palabra nueva para mí, entonces toqué el brazo de Carlos, que se encontraba en el asiento del pasajero en frente de mí.

“Qué es un pedrero?” pregunté en inglés.

“Pues, no sé,” dijó Carlos.

“Tal vez significa una persona que tira piedras,” supusé.

“Lalo,” Carlos preguntó, “¿Qué es exactamente un pedrero? Tiran piedras a los carros?”

Una pequeña sonrisa salío de su rostro y de una forma amable trató de no reír.

“Nooo,” dijó Lalo, “Los pedreros usan pipas por fumar roca de cocaína.”

De repente, entendí.

“Ahhhh!” dijé yo, “Pedreros son crackheads!”


We were riding around in our friend Lalo’s car on the streets of San Salvador.

“In this area you have to be careful with the pedreros,” said Lalo from the driver’s seat.

“They’re really dangerous,” he added, lifting a finger in warning.

“Pedredros?” I said from the backseat.

“Yes,” Lalo said, looking at me in the rear view mirror.

‘Pedreros’ was a new word for me, so I touched Carlos’s arm, as he sat in the passenger seat in front of me.

“What is a pedrero?” I asked in English.

“Um, I’m not sure,” Carlos said.

“Maybe it means someone who throws rocks,” I guessed.

“Lalo,” Carlos asked, “What exactly is a pedrero? Do they throw rocks at cars?”

A small smile appeared on Lalo’s face and he politely held back laughter.

“Nooo,” Lalo said, “Pedreros smoke cocaine rocks in pipes.”

Suddenly, I understood.

“Ahhh!” I said, “Pedreros are crackheads!”

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  1. This post was sad and funny at the same time. :)

  2. That is a great example of picking up vocabulary in a context! My guess is you will never forget the word.
    Here is my link for Spanish Friday

  3. K parte de san salvador es la foto soy de ss y no renozco

    • Hola Juan, mi esposo dice que piensa que es Calle Juan Pablo Segundo. (También quiero decir que esta calle no es dónde habían pedreros – sólo usé esta foto porque no tengo foto de la otra area.)


  4. I haven’t heard that word either, but how clever. I would have thought like you, that someone was going to throw rocks at the car.

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