Cultura Latina in Gringo Music Videos

A screenshot of Sara Bareilles' video "Gonna Get Over You" which was shot in a Latino market.

This seems like a rather random category, and it isn’t one you’ll find on the Billboard Charts – but I can’t help but congratulate these gringos on adding a little sabor to their music videos.

Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get Over You: Not sure why everyone turns into 1950′s greasers in this video, but I love that it was filmed in a Latino market.

(Korean group) Mighty Mouth – LaLaLa: That’s right, even Asia can’t help but throw a fiesta.

Madonna – Take a Bow: Madonna who once played Eva Perón in the movie Evita, (“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina! The truth is I never left you!…”), is perhaps one of the first gringas to appreciate Latin American culture and use some Spanish in her music, (“La Isla Bonita” anyone?) … “Take a Bow” with the classic Spanish bullfighter is my favorite video by her though.

El Dusty AKA DJ DUS – K Le Pasa: I discovered this at This one is cheating. El Dusty isn’t a gringo, but the papel picado and the piñata are too much to pass up. I so want to party with these people.

Justin Timberlake – Señorita : I have mixed feelings for JT, kind of like I have for Pitbull. He’s clearly objectifying women… but damn he’s good. In this video he seduces several “señoritas.” While I love the hell out of this song, I actually don’t see a whole lot of Latin culture in the video unless you count the chicas not wearing pants, (one of them is wearing a serape!)… All my Latina friends totally dress like that by the way …{wink}

Can you think of any others? Add them in comments!

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  1. The first one I thought of was Gwen Stefani “Luxurious”- from la Virgen camisa and piñatas to the backyard pachanga and the chola makeup it’s all Latina!

  2. to be honest I had never heard that song by Sara Bareilles I really liked it. Especially the end when she gets kicked out.

  3. They didn’t make an official music video for this song, but judging by the lyrics, it would have been full of Latina culture. ‘My Baby No Esta Aqui No More’ by Garth Brooks.


  4. I loved the Sara Bareillas video either and loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sorry a little late but I just discovered your blog after watching your awesome video- “Shit Salvadorans Say” :). Here’s a cool video that came to mind. Takes place in a Hispanic convenience store and the guy has a crush on the Latina! Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT

  6. Thanks and Gracias for the information.

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