Shit Salvadorans Say

The latest meme to sweep the internet is “Shit Girls Say.” Dozens of videos have since been made for everyone from black guys to Sri Lankan mothers. I had way too many ideas for a Salvadoran version to ignore, so here it is – “Shit Salvadorans Say.”

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    they’re all good but I lost it at traeme diez libras de queso!!!!

  2. Que chistosooooooooo! Estás dándole al clavo con las cosas que dicen los guanacos! Me encantó!

  3. Bwahahahahaha!!!! This is hilarious! I LOVE it!!! This is sure to go viral! :)

  4. No, vos!! Esto está chivisimooooo!!! Jajajaja! Estás bien chistosa y, puya, ahora hasta cineasta te nos volviste cipota!
    I´m sending this to all my dear Salvadoreños :)

  5. Hahaha, Flashback! I knew some of the sayings. My best friend growing up was from El Salvador.

  6. Too funny! Need to share this!

  7. This is AWESOME!!! :)

  8. Qué “BOLADO” es el que buscas en la ducha? Será el rubber ducky jajajaaja!

  9. Well done.

  10. Love it! So cute!

  11. you had me dying at the suitcase

  12. Great job! I LOVE pupusas :)

  13. Tracy you are amazing!

  14. Tracy you are amazing and your family is wonderful… and NOT Mexican!

  15. That was sooooo fun!!!! Great job girl!!! LOL!

  16. finally some real salvadorean shit online.

  17. Hahaha that was so great. I showed it to my husband to and he loved it. One that he always tells me is “No jodas vos!” and he calls all of his friends “loco” ex. “No hay pedo loco”

  18. Just awesome! :)

  19. And this gringa speaks with acento salvadoreño. Very funny, Tracy!!!

  20. Lol that was perfect!!!

  21. Your older son: great future as an actor.

  22. buen trabajo amiga. bastante creativo este video.

  23. OMG I am Salvadoran and this is 100% accurate! Love it! I live in Germany now so it brought a smile to my face and made me remember my mother. Greetings from Germany!

  24. Hahaha, OMG, my dad TOTALLY weighs his baggage on a bathroom scale! Love it!

  25. Lmao! This all so true! N ur Spanish sounds perfect, or should I say ur salvadorean ha

  26. Literally was laughing out loud!!! The penicillin cream and weighing the suitcases was beyond hilarious!!!!! My Honduran MIL 110%! Jajajaja!

  27. Sara Hernandez

    You know, being a salvadorean, there are parts in the video where you sound like a real salvi, and there’s some where we just wouldn’t buy it. But, I really enjoyed your video, it’s nice to see another nationality embracing the caliche language. Don’t mind any negative comments, I’d take it as a constructive comment, it’s just part of the salvadoran culture, “no tenemos pelos en la lengua, o no andamos con pajas, pero si a veces sobre exageramos, jaja.” I’m sure that’s how salvadoreans sound when they speak English; Anyways, welcome Guanaca.

  28. Sara Hernandez

    I also forgot to mention that there’s no way that we’re going to speak a second language perfectly. We are ALWAYS going to have some type of accent, that is because when we were toddler our vocals only practiced sounds in our own language, that is why professionals recommend teaching a child another language before the age of 5. Anyway, that is the reason why English speakers have a hard time pronouncing the ‘r’ the en~e, the “ll”, and so forth…same thing goes for other languages.

  29. Soy soy salvadorana y yo dijo esta puta mierda

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