Árbol de Chanclas

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Recientemente mis padres fueron en un viaje a las Islas Gran Caimán. Estoy empezando a pensar que mi madre es mucho como yo, (o mejor dicho que yo soy mucho como ella, porque llegó ella primero.)

Primero, descubrimos que las dos nos encanta tomar fotos de los perros callejeros.

Ahora mi madre me mostró fotos que sacó ella de un árbol cubierto de chanclas.

Bueno, no tengo una foto semejante en mi colección, pero sin duda yo hubiera tomado fotos si encontraba un árbol así en mis viajes.

(Gracias a mi madre por permitirme compartir sus fotos aquí! Si quieres saber la historia del árbol, visita UnCommonCaribbean.com.)


Recently my parents went on a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. I’m beginning to think my mother is a lot like me, (or actually, that I’m much like her, since she came first.)

First, we discovered that we both love taking photos of street dogs.

Now my mother has showed me photos she took of a tree covered with flip-flops.

Well, I don’t have a similar photo in my collection, but certainly I would have taken photos if I had encountered a tree like that in my travels.

(Thanks to my mother for letting me share her photos here! If you want know the history of the tree, visit UnCommonCaribbean.com.)

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  1. That’s a great idea for all of my old flip flops. I go through a pair a month, they would look great on the tree in front of the house. Here is my Spanish Friday: http://rubireyes-lifeinthearmpit.blogspot.com/2012/01/customer-appreciation-day-01132012.html
    Thanks for allowing me to participate!

  2. Very interesting things we do in this world. In Thailand I have a picture of a tre growing around a budda head, so the head looks like its part of the tree now. Here is my Spanish Friday post: http://want2speakspanish.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/proyecto-nuevo/
    Spanish is still new for me so its not very long.

  3. mi primer Spanish Friday… ¡me encanta el idea!


  4. Very interesting! I have seen sneakers dangling from the power lines but never seen a tree like that, lol.

    Here is my Spanish Friday post: http://isolated-existence.blogspot.com/2012/01/spanish-friday-remedios-caseros.html

  5. Happy New Year Tracy! (I’m a bit behind in my reading!)

    I love that you blogged about First World Problems. I’ve been thinking a lot about that when I complain, to try to maintain perspective.

    And Carlos can Pass the vaccuum?! LUCKY LADY! :D

  6. Hey thanks for this, now I know the history behind those flip flps :D

  7. hahahh…that’s just weird…

  8. :D We’re going to the Grand Cayman Islands in October! I’m going to find that tree and take a picture next to it. I’m in love.
    Thanks for sharing, Tracy!

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