Shit Salvadorans Say 2

Apparently Salvadorans say a lot of shit, because we had enough material to make another video – “Shit Salvadorans Say 2″ – Chécalo, bichos!

I think I’m finished playing with this meme, (except for a possible blooper reel) – but Carlos, the boys and I had so much fun that I think we’ll be doing other types of videos in the future. Vamos a ver.


Shit Salvadorans Say (the original)

For “Shit Cubans Say” and other fun, check out my friend Carrie on the Tiki Tiki!

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  1. Too funny Tracey, they really do have their own language.

  2. Loved the chancla knock/ bed check.

  3. Te vas a matar….LOL

    I need to correct you on one. It is “picsa.” Nobody says “pizza” or even “pisa” (the proper pronunciation. LOL

    Same for Pepsi. It is Pecsi..also true in Mexico. They were actually running a marketing campaign based on that phenomena last time I was in Mexico. It included the use of t-shirts that said “Yo tambien digo Pecsi,” which, of course, I wanted to buy one, but unfortunately couldn’t find. LOL

    • LOL – I’ve heard people say it “picsa” and “Pecsi” as you say, but for some reason my husband and Suegra have always said it more like “peepsa.”

      That shirt sounds awesome! LOL.

  4. LOVE IT!!! como siempre ….eres bien chistosa

  5. You should do them regularly!
    I love the whole family doing them…and gracias for shout out!

  6. Again lmao!! I tell my son de same thing, no te vayas a golpear! Haha

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