Bloopers & Behind the Scenes

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Un hecho sobre mi es que me encantan los “bloopers.” Cuándo vamos al cine siempre somos los últimos en salir porque insisto en quedarnos hasta que estamos seguros que no van a enseñarnos “bloopers” de la película.

Honestamente, habido días que gasté en YouTube viendo “Bloopers” de Seinfeld.

Por esta razón, que me encantan tanto los “bloopers” – les presento los “bloopers” que hicimos durante la grabación de “Shit Salvadorans Say.”


A fact about me is that I love “bloopers.” When going to the movies we are always the last to leave because I insist on staying until we’re sure they will not show “bloopers” from the movie.

Honestly, there days I’ve wasted on YouTube watching “Bloopers” from Seinfeld.

For this reason, that I love “bloopers” so much – I present the “bloopers” that occurred during our recording of “Shit Salvadorans Say.”

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