Ice Cream Cone + Taco = Love

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

El año pasado compartí una foto de una camisa chistosa que encontré en una tienda que se llama “Five Below.” Five Below es una tienda que lleva un montón de cosas para jovenes y todo cuesta cinco dólares o menos, (de ahí, el nombre “Five Below.”)

Bueno, la semana pasada tuve que visitar esa tienda porque mi hijo mayor necesitaba un regalito para una amiga que estaba cumpliendo años y lo invitó a su fiesta.

Mientras estabamos buscando un regalito para la amiga, econtré otra camisa.

Como puedes ver, representado en esta camisa tenemos un cono de sorbete, (parece que es sabor de vainilla) – y un taco. Los dos están agarrados de las manos y el cono, (que es hembra con pestañas largas y un listón) – está diciendo, “It’s complicated.” (En español: “Es complicado.”)

Suponemos que ella está hablando sobre su relación con el taco. La camisa es super interesante. No sé si estoy analizandolo demasiado pero creo que la camisa está simbolizando una pareja intercultural – especificamente, una gringa blanca con un latino. O sea, soy un cono sabor a vainilla y Carlos es un taco.

No sé si es divertida la camisa o un poco ofensiva. ¿Qué crees tú?


Last year I shared a photo of a funny shirt found at a store called “Five Below.” Five Below is a store that has tons of things for young people and everything costs five dollars or less, (hence the name, “Five Below.”)

Well, last week I had to visit this store because my older son needed a birthday gift for a friend’s party he was attending. While looking for the gift for his friend, I found this shirt.

As you can see, depicted on this shirt we have an ice cream cone, (it looks like vanilla-flavored), and a taco. Both are holding hands and the cone, (which is a girl with long eyelashes and a bow) – is saying, “It’s complicated.”

We assume she’s talking about her relationship with the taco. The shirt is really interesting. I don’t know if I’m over-analyzing it but the shirt seems to symbolize an intercultural couple – specifically a white gringa and a Latino. In other words, I’m a vanilla-flavored ice cream cone and Carlos is a taco.

I don’t know if the shirt is funny or offensive. What do you think?

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  1. I think it’s tongue in cheek , cute.

  2. I scrolled down too quickly and saw the picture before I read the text. I thought from first glance that it was advertising for one of those ice cream taco things that they used to have at Taco Bell / Taco Johns. lol

  3. I think it’s adorable (and thought-provoking)! *lol* Did they have it in white? : )))

    • Sorry, didn’t have it in white, Ezzy. Jajaja. Also, it’s a store for teenagers so I couldn’t even hope to fit into any of those shirts.

      It is both adorable and thought-provoking. I agree. Good adjectives.

  4. Would have been awesome if you found one with a pupusa! lol

  5. Creo que es simplemente lo que dice la camiseta. Dos entes, totalmente diferentes pero juntos; simbolizando las relaciones humanas en donde (gracias a los stándares de la sociedad) cuando dos personas TAN diferentes se unen, se convierte en “Complicado”.
    Pero me parece cute, me gusta y la luciría sin ningún problema.
    Y si, creo que en este caso tu eres el sorbetito de vainilla y carlos un rico taco al pastor! jijijijij

    • “simbolizando las relaciones humanas en donde (gracias a los stándares de la sociedad) cuando dos personas TAN diferentes se unen, se convierte en “Complicado”.” <<< Well said, amiga.

  6. I like it!!!!..just wished it was the other way around…a male cone and a female taco cause that would apply to me and my gringo.jejeje feliz viernes!
    here is my link:

  7. While my initial reaction was a giggle, after giving it some thought I felt like it was a little offensive. If the picture was depicting an interracial relationship with an African American I don’t think anyone would find it funny except for racists. In order to move away from racism we must first put aside stereotypes and prejudices.
    Here’s my Spanish Friday link: This exercise really is helping me improve.

    • This was exactly my same thought process, Jennifer. I’m not offended by the shirt per se, I’m kind of difficult to offend when it comes to not being politically correct, but it just made me think about what message it’s sending to young people who buy it and how it would be perceived if other races were depicted.

      It is cute and funny but there’s just a little bit more to it. Definitely a conversation starter and has much deeper meaning than it would at first seem. As the shirt says, “It’s complicated.” LOL.

  8. OMG!! I love it!! I want it for myself, though I’m far from joven. I don’t think it’s offensive, but I’m really hard to offend so I’m probably not the voice of many. It has so many great things, romance, humor, fb reference, cultural connection, and I personally think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile. I wonder if I could order it online …maybe I could squeeze into a large. Thanks for sharing!

    • If it came in my size, (which is not teeny-bopper XX Small, lol), then I might buy it and wear it too, (minus the sparkles on the cone. Not crazy about glitter.)

      I do love it, the simplicity and cuteness of the design but symbolizing something that can generate so much conversation and opposing thoughts.

      I wonder what it means that such a shirt even exists? I wonder who designed the shirt and if it represents something they’ve personally experienced – if they’re in an intercultural/interracial relationship. It feels kind of cool to be represented, I have to say… even if it’s by an ice cream cone.

  9. uuummm I guess I’m not too profound cuz my first thought is a joke that most people in AZ know about…..when you eat mexican food especially with hot sauce you gotta eat ice cream afterwards for “later”…if you know what I mean LOL…..the punch line is “c’mon ice cream”. Hmmm sorry I didn’t get the cross cultural significance like everyone else did!! HAHAHA

    • “you gotta eat ice cream afterwards for “later”…if you know what I mean”

      You may have lost me because my mind is totally in the gutter trying to figure this out jajaja

  10. Maybe it’s just me being simplistic, or maybe its coming from an Anglo point of view, but tacos are seen as “spicy, hot” food, while ice cream is just the opposite. Couldn’t it just be they were trying to do a riff on differences?

  11. That you and Carlos are not offended is what matters most. I think that 50 years from now the same t-shirt will probably seem a product of the times (which it is), much as portrayals of relationships in the 50s are hard to conceive of now.

    I wrote about a t-shirt too! Here is my Spanish Friday link:

  12. JAJAJA CHIDDDDDOOO LA CAMISA Tracy… and I am sure if we get real “Dr. Phil” into it…one could think it was a symbol of an interracial relationship… or if your me you may see it as… “We love each other even though this pregnant bitch is gonna eat us!” lol but I think the interracial theory works better. Feliz Viernes !

  13. Que chisotos. Ya, hemos tendo el mismo conversaion en mi casa. Soy vanilla, esposo es dark chocolate y los hijos son milk chocolate. :)

    Gracias por siempre.

    Mi link hoy dia es: — como preparar chupetes dulces de corazon. Disfrutelos!

  14. Loved it. Actually when I read your blog title it reminded me of choco-tacos that I used to get at the store. Loved that. I tihnk that shirt is funny, and maybe it didn’t intend to be about inter-racial relationships, but it does symbolize your situation well!

    Her is my spanish friday post:

  15. I’ve seen a girl at school wearing a similar shirt with a hedgehog and a balloon that says “Caught in a bad romance.” I think it’s just supposed to be a funny graphic, not all that you read into it — but I thought your interpretation of inter-racial relationships was interesting!

    Here’s my post:

  16. It’s definitely creative… and “out there”… but it’s good ’cause I don’t get odd vibes about it.

    It’s different. And cute.

    And maybe… just maybe… the ol’ pea brain will have one of those aha moments about it later. Way much later on.

  17. It’s cute. Not offensive at all to me.

  18. It’s cute! I found Latinos are the master of cool t-shirts anyway :-)

  19. I LOVE it and would totally own one if I could find one! :)

  20. There is more to this line, and it’s actually referring to him being hot, and she being cold (men and women are never on the same page at the same time). Interesting that everyone else thought it was about interracial relationships :)

  21. Hi. I was wondering if you know how I could get this shirt if I no longer find it at Five Below. Thanks!

    • I’m sorry, I don’t! :( Maybe someone who works at Five Below could give you the name of the T-shirt company that makes the shirts they sell and you could contact them to ask? Good luck!

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