Rolling R’s

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

El otro día, mientras estaba leyendo el libro “Buenas Noches Luna”, mi hijo de diez años hizo una cosa maravillosa – ¡Él pronunció las erres perfectamente en español!

Claro que celebré y felicité a mi hijo. El único problema es que ahora él quiere lucirse con su nueva habilidad, y está pronunciando todititas sus erres como Walter Mercado.


The other day while reading the Spanish version of “Goodnight Moon” – my 10 year old son did a marvelous thing – He rolled his R’s!

Of course I celebrated and congratulated my son. The only problem is that now he wants to show off his new skill and is pronouncing every single “R” like Walter Mercado.

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  1. Thats funny! I taught my 5 year old daughter to say me gusta and now she says it all the time.

    Here is my Spanish friday post

  2. LOL, is not easy rolling those r’s. Be proud! Walter Mercado, I used to watch his show when I lived in Puerto Rico and when I first moved here. Miss hearing his voice. Good memories, thanks for sharing his video.

    Here is my Spanish Friday.

  3. Definitivamente es el sonido mas difícil de producir, en cualquier idioma! I remember when I was finally able to do it how excited I was, congrats to him!

  4. He escuchado que es genetica, no se, pero lo que se es yo por nada puedo pronunciar los erres! Feliciantes a tu hijo!

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