How Bilingual Siblings Argue

A photo of kitty siblings fighting, because it's cuter than human boys fighting.
Image source: Tambako the Jaguar

(Overheard conversation between my two sons yesterday.)

13 year old: Ugh! My hair is being so stupid! It won’t do what I want it to!
10 year old: I hate when I can’t style my hair, too.
13 year old: Ha! I wish I had your hair! You have good hair!
10 year old: Does that mean you think I’m bonito?
13 year old: No, you’re still feo.
10 year old: What?! … Well, you’re feo-er!
13 year old: You’re the más feo del mundo.
10 year old: Well, you’re feo to the luna and back!

You realize how badly you want your kids to be bilingual when you make no attempt to break up the argument but instead smile that they’re insulting each other in Spanglish.

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  1. Tracy, I just love your stories. I just have one boy, and he argues like this with my husband… yes he is my other “little boy” since there’s no other to make fun of.

    • LOL, Priscila – I know what you mean. Sometimes I say “my boys” and I’m referring to the 3 of them, (my sons and Carlos!)

  2. Jajajja!! Los amo!
    Gracias por siempre poner una sonrisa en mi boca amiga linda! Love u!

  3. This is how my siblings and I still argue! We have never outgrown it!!!

  4. My brother and I still argue and complain about things to each other in Spanglish! This was a great post. It definitely made me laugh.

  5. Hahaha, my sister and I do the same exact thing, except I’m the one speaking most of the Spanish!

  6. I still argue with my oldest brother except he get upset that i talk in English and he in Spanish. I only do it so that my husband can understand what is going on since he is a Gringo that only knows how to say inutil lol

  7. So cute! I wouldn’t have broken that fight up either :)

  8. you must be raising them right if this is how they “fight” LOL…..the worst thing I ever called my brother was a skunk and I sure got in trouble for it!!

  9. That is just too hysterical! Love it! :)

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