Finding Latin American Art in DC

Because a National Museum of the American Latino does not exist (yet), I try to find Latin American art and culture in all the museums we visit around DC. Here are a few of the most recent things I found.

The Return to Aztlan by Alfredo Arreguin at the National Portrait Gallery

Mis Hermanos by Mexican artist Jesse Trevino, at the American Art Museum

Selena, National Portrait Gallery

As you know, we also made a visit to the National Museum of the American Indian. After I took a million photos of the Huichol art car, I made a stop at the gift shop. A friend has an upcoming birthday and the gift shop at the National Museum of the American Indian is the perfect place to find something for someone who loves Latin American culture. One display in the museum shop is dedicated just to Día de Los Muertos. I didn’t end up buying this item, but here is a neat “calacas” toy from Peru.

Where do you find Latin American art and culture in your city?

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  1. I’m lucky!!! I live like 5min away from the Museum of Latin American Art :)

  2. Our small town is blessed with a new art gallery, MESH, which was lucky enough to host an exhibition of paintings by Angel H. Vite. He’s a young Mexican artist who has had numerous showings in North Carolina and other places, the most recent being at the Hickory (NC) Furniture Mart. Anyone on Facebook should look for him and examples of his work.

  3. In Denver we have El Museo de Las Americas and the CHAC gallery(Chicano Humanities and Arts council)

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