Dora the Explorer (like you’ve never seen her before)

All the episodes of Dora the Explorer I sat through when my boys were younger are suddenly worth it. Check out our favorite belly-baring bilingual niña in her latest adventure.

(Note: If you have little Dora the Explorer fans hanging around, watch this parody video when they’re taking a nap – It’s definitely not for them.)

(Hat tip to my little sister for sending this to me.)

Posted on July 16, 2012, in humor, TV/movie. Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. This was hilarious! :) They did a great job on this one.

  2. Estubo bueno!!!! LOL

  3. I would watch that movie at the theaters!

  4. Haha…yes, I saw this not long ago while looking for Dora clips for my daughter. Awful! LOL, ;)

  5. Omg Amiga… I missed reading your blog posts.. y esa pues omg… ROFL….. is okay that i find Diego ..muy sexy :) hahaha but really some funny shit!

    • LOL, since they’re grown up, I think it’s okay ;) Have missed you too! How’s it going, mama of two! Tell the baby to give you more free time to play on blogs ;) jajaja

  6. That is insanely funny and wrong on so many levels. I can’t stop laughing. Must go and share with my mother of all people!

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