5 Vídeos – English Dubbed Novelas, Grupo Lata, Cipotas, Espinoza Paz and Cholos Dancing Cumbia?

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is in italics!

Ha sido mucho tiempo que no he compartido mis vídeos favoritos con ustedes. Listos?
It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my favorite videos with you guys. Ready?


English Dubbed Novelas

¿Alguna vez has tratado de imaginar cómo hubiera sido una novela doblada al inglés? Imaginas no más! Aquí es una escena de Herederos del Monte que alguien dobló, (y es hilarantemente precisa.)

Have you ever wondered what a novela would be like dubbed in English? Imagine no more! Here is a scene from Herederos del Monte which someone dubbed, (and it’s hilariously accurate.)


Grupo Lata

¿Tuviste un mal día? Grupo Lata al rescate! Este hombre talentoso, chistoso y creativo toca latas como si fueran tamborcitos, canta, y da sonrisa a todos en la playa. Chécalo!

Have a bad day? Grupo Lata to the rescue! This talented, funny and creative man plays tin cans as if they were little drums, he sings, and he gives a smile to everyone at the beach. Check it out!



A veces ser salvadoreño significa que uno no se siente bien representado en los programas de televisión. Nuestros hijos nunca pueden ver un programa de niños y sentir que los caracteres hablan como ellos y su familia. Por esta razón me sentía super feliz encontrar estos vídeos que se llaman “Cuentos de Cipotes de Salarrue.” La calidad de la animación es fantástica y oye! Las cipotas hablan Caliche!

Sometimes being Salvadoran means one feels they aren’t well represented in TV programming. Our children can never watch a children’s show and feel that the characters speak like them and their family. For this reason I felt super happy to find these videos which are called “Cuentos de Cipotes de Salarrue.” The quality of animation is fantastic and listen! The little girls are speaking Caliche! [Salvadoran slang]


Espinoza Paz

Espinoza Paz comparte palabras sabias a jovenes sobre su educación y sus sueños.

Espinoza Paz shares wise words for young people about their education and their dreams.


Cholos Dancing Cumbia?

Este vídeo es titulado “Cholos bailando Cumbia” – y tiene razón que los muchachos parescan cholos, pero estoy casi segura que se identifican más con la cultura de Monterrey, México que se llama “Colombianos” (y que unos incorrectamente se llaman “Cholombianos.”) De cualquier manera, los muchachos no son de Colombia. La cultura es algo complicado explicar y tiene una larga historia. Es muy fácil juzgar a alguien por cómo se visten, y asumir cosas sobre su carácter – pero lo único que me queda claro es que estos chicos están disfrutando el momento, y me gusta la forma en que bailan.

This video is titled “Cholos dancing Cumbia” – and they’re right that the young men look like cholos, but I’m almost certain that they identify more with the culture from Monterrey, Mexico which is called “Colombians” (and which some incorrectly call “Cholombians.”) Either way, these guys are not from Colombia. It’s a little complicated to explain the culture and they have a long history. It’s easy to judge someone for the way they dress and assume things about their character – but the only thing that is clear to me is that these guys are enjoying the moment, and I like the way they dance.

¿Cuál vídeo fue tu favorito?
Which video was your favorite?

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  1. Isn’t that the Chuntaro style dance (by el Gran Silencio) though?

    the cipotas vid is great!

  2. Sadly, the Espinoza Paz video was too fast for me to follow! The Cipotas video was more my speed. :)

  3. The Savvy Senorita

    I have recently heard of ‘Cholos’ they exist in Madrid too only called ‘Chonis’. Its a style of dress, and maybe even attitude (how they present themselves). My friend told me about her barrio outside of Madrid, and also of a programme being shown here on MTV called Gandia Shore. Apparently this highlights the lifestyle well? I tried watching, but it wasn’t my thing!

  4. Tracy! Ese video de la cipotas lo vi en el screening de la pelicula “Tamale Road”. No se si te lo he mencionado. Look for Tamale Road, some where on the internet. La verdad no lo he buscado pero I’m sure que por hay a de estar.

    Its a nice movie.

  5. The novela dubbed over in English was HILARIOUS! OMG! It had me cracking up. There is no way I’d be able to watch a dubbed novela in English…..

  6. Jajaja me cagaba de la risa al ver el video del grupo lata! Is it just me or was he kinda poking fun at the Kpaz de la Sierra song? Haha forget snooki, why isn’t this guy famous?

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