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Huaraches … to eat?

(image source:

While browsing the Latin American “panes” aisle, I came upon a new bread I had never seen before – Huaraches.

I’ve always known “huaraches” (or “guaraches”) to be a type of sandal/chancla.

I had no idea there was a bread of the same name. Huaraches – the bread, were named after huaraches the sandal because of the shape. Chécalo!

While looking up more information online, I found that there’s a large taco-like dish called “Huarache” which seems to be made out of a larger elongated tortilla, too.

(image source: Un Terrícola extraño )

Of course, I now went on a mission to find and eat one. Weeks later I found my first huarache at a little Mexican restaurant tucked into a strip mall in northern Virginia.

Delicioso! Have you tried “huarache” the bread or “huarache” the taco-like dish? Tell me about it in comments – and if you have a recipe, mucho mejor!


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