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Arriba con la Selección Salvadoreña!

On Friday, while watching the game (El Salvador vs. Costa Rica), the Salvadoran soccer team’s anthem came on during a commercial break. Our 10 year old son jumped up and started dancing; we all started laughing because this cipote has moves and I have no idea where he gets them from. He can dance to almost any kind of music, and he dances really well. (My Suegra used to say that he gets it from her side of the family but I’ve seen Suegra and her family dance – they aren’t any better than my family!)

Anyway, with the México vs. El Salvador game coming up on Tuesday June 12th, (9 pm ET on Telemundo), I asked my son if he’d be willing to give a repeat performance in front of the camera. He didn’t want to at first but a piece of chocolate, 50 cents, and my explanation that he would help pep everyone up for the game, convinced him.

Arriba con la Selección!

Los Muchachos de Koh Panyee

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is in italics!

¿Qué te inspira? Este video me ha inspirado esta semana. Un grupo de muchachos forman un equipo de fútbol, pero hay un problema … Ellos viven en una isla del sur de Tailandia que se llama Koh Panyee y no hay cancha ni espacio para practicar. ¿Qué hicieron? Se dieron por vencidos? … No! Ellos construyeron un campo en el agua. Chécalo.

What inspires you? This video inspired me this week. A group of young boys form a football team, but there’s a problem … They live on an island of southern Thailand called Koh Panyee, and there’s no field nor space to practice. What did they do? Give up? … No! They built a soccer pitch on the water. Check it out.

U.S. vs. Brazil: Holding hands with Rômulo & Chatting with Donovan

As most of you know, my 10 year old attended a McDonald’s Soccer Clinic and was selected to be an escort for the U.S. and Brazilian teams at their game last night.

The day was a little crazy and I was overwhelmed by details – I didn’t want anything to go wrong. I checked and double checked that we had everything we needed – tickets, the uniform, money for the Metro, etc. Even when I was sure we had everything, I worried that we would arrive late, (we ended up arriving super early as a result), or that my son would spill something on his shirt, (he didn’t.)

Finally we were able to turn him over to the organizers from McDonald’s for a couple hours. The McDonald’s people were really awesome with the kids and I relaxed knowing that whatever happened now was out of my hands.

I think most of the kids were nervous – also, it was really hot, but they’re all so adorable.

After we dropped off our boy, we went to our seats and waited for the big moment. We knew we would be sitting in the upper level of the stadium but I wasn’t prepared for how high up it would be. Climbing the stairs to our seats felt like climbing Chichen Itza and I was very close to having an anxiety attack. It took a few minutes and some deep breathing but I calmed enough to appreciate our beautiful view.

So high up that a bird flew past my face.

The players came out to warm up and the escort kids were instructed to sit along the sidelines. Little did I know at that time that my son had actually had a chance to talk to his favorite U.S. players minutes before in the entrance hallway from the locker rooms to the field. He says he told Landon Donovan, “I’ve seen you on TV. You’re one of my favorite players.” Donovan reportedly smiled and said, “Thank you.” My son also said “Hi” to Tim “El Pato” Howard who responded in kind.

Once the players were finished warming up and the field was readied, the music began and the players returned with their escorts. My son got paired up with a Brazilian player, (Rômulo, #8.)

My sister texted me a few minutes after the anthems played and told me she saw our son on TV – She even took a photo.

Once the game began, Carlos went to retrieve him and we enjoyed the rest of the game together as a family. (This was our older son’s first time attending a soccer game in a stadium so he was just as excited as our younger son.)

Despite the US Team playing really well, ultimately the terrible reffing wasn’t in their favor. While I’m complaining a little, let me just say that the new uniforms make our guys look like Where’s Waldo.

In happier news, we were part of history. The crowd that attended the US vs. Brazil game at FedEx Field on May 30th, 2012 broke records – the stadium was definitely packed.

We ended up leaving the game a little early to avoid being crushed. Thankfully we made it to the Metro moments before a train arrived and we pulled out just as the station was starting to fill up with people. Within minutes our younger son had fallen asleep, the long day finally taking its toll.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. We were invited by McDonald’s to the soccer clinic and given tickets to the game. No compensation was received in exchange for this post and as always all opinions are my own.

Fun for Niños at McDonald’s Fútbol Clinic

Yesterday we were invited to take part in a soccer clinic organized by McDonald’s which took place at Soccerdome in Landover, Maryland. At the soccer clinic, the kids were given a free uniform and tickets for the US vs. Brazil game later this evening at FedEx field. Chévere, right?

El Zol 107.9 FM was there playing music and getting the kids hyped up and they also introduced special guest, Ronald McDonald, the clown. This freaked me out and I made sure to keep my distance, (es nada personal against Ronald – all payasos make me uncomfortable)- however the niños seemed to have fun with him.

At some point, Carlos and I, as well as our 10 year old, were interviewed by Telemundo. I have no idea when and where they’ll use the videos, if they choose to use them. I say “if they choose to use them” because the questions were in Spanish, por supuesto, and I’m sure el chiquito and I made more than a couple grammatical mistakes, besides just being very self-conscious in front of the camera. Carlos was more comfortable than us but even he got a little nervous. Anyway, it was further confirmation that I’m a writer for a reason.

As for the actual clinic – it was a lot of fun. For several hours the kids played fútbol and other games, did drills and were instructed on how to improve their technique by friendly coaches. McDonald’s is often the target of criticism from health advocates and while I don’t disagree with a lot of common discussion on the topic, I think that when a company does something good, that should be recognized. McDonald’s does a lot of good things, the most well-known being Ronald McDonald House Charities – but these sports clinics are also really great healthy initiatives that should be praised. It was fantastic to see all the kids running around getting exercise and I noted that McDonald’s provided the kids with 100% juice rather than soda.

The best part of the event was that 22 of the children were chosen as escorts to walk players of the National US Soccer Team onto the field and stand with them during the anthems at tonight’s game – My 10 year old is going to be one of those kids and I’m sure this will be an experience he’ll never forget.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. We were invited by McDonald’s to the soccer clinic and given tickets to the game. No compensation was received in exchange for this post and as always all opinions are my own.

Chicharitos de Sabor (recipe)

When I saw this recipe, I knew right away that I wanted to share it here on Latinaish. Of course the name of the recipe caught my eye – I love Javier Hernández, the Mexican footballer better known by the nickname “Chicharito” – but “Chicharito” or “Chícharo” is simply the word for peas. (Javier’s father was given the nickname “Chícharo” for his green eyes, and that’s how Javier became “Chicharito” – the little pea.)

Anyway, for once, my mind wasn’t in the wrong place because this recipe does seem to be a play on words. Look at the little soccer ball-like “bolitas”!

Image source:

Notice the red, white and green plastic food picks! (Colors of the Mexican flag) … Clearly Chef Maggie Jiménez is not only a creative genius, but a fan of Chicharito.

I haven’t had a chance to try this recipe out but it looks almost as good as Javier Hernández on the pitch – chécalo!

Chicharitos de Sabor


4 Tazas MASECA®
2 ½ Tazas Agua
½ Cdta. Sal
½ Taza Aceite para freír
1 Taza chícharos congelados
½ Taza Queso manchego cortado en cubos pequeños
½ Taza carne molida
½ Taza Chicharrón
½ Taza Chorizo


Mezclar la MASECA® con el agua y la sal durante 5 minutos hasta que la masa ya no se pegue en las manos. Dividir en 20 porciones iguales y hacer 5 bolitas rellenas de queso, 5 de carne, 5 de chicharrón y 5 de chorizo. Integrar las bolitas con chícharos. Calentar el aceite y freír las bolitas.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. MASECA® granted permission for this recipe and photo to be reproduced from their website,

Random El Salvador

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is in italics!

Cuándo regresamos de El Salvador yo compartí con ustedes un montón de fotos que tomé mientras estábamos allí pero todavia tengo unas fotos interesantes que no encajan fácilmente en un tema. Hoy comparto esas fotos “random” con ustedes.

When we returned from El Salvador I shared a whole bunch of photos with all of you which I had taken while we were there. However, I still have some interesting photos that don’t fit easily into a category – Today I share those “random” photos with you.

Una Tía de Carlos tiene un van decorado con un imagen de los “Thundercats” – no sé por qué.

One of Carlos’s aunts has a van decorated with an image of the “Thundercats” – I don’t know why.

La próxima vez que se quejan de tener que lavar la ropa, mejor estar agradecidos por su lavadora y secadora. Esta es la forma de lavar la ropa en la casa de Carlos.

Next time you complain about needing to do laundry, be thankful for your washer and dryer. This is how you do laundry at Carlos’s house.

Camisas de la Selecta (equipo de fútbol) para toda la familia por venta en una tienda en Metrocentro.

La Selecta (soccer team) shirts for the whole family for sale in a store at Metrocentro.

Donas por venta en WalMart, San Salvador. (Fijaste que no están en una vitrina?)

Donuts for sale at WalMart, San Salvador. (Did you notice they’re not in a glass case?)

Pregunté por qué los árboles y postes de teléfono estaban pintados de blanco en la parte de abajo. Se me dijo que le da un aspecto limpio y simboliza la paz, (no sé si es verdad.)

I asked why trees and telephone poles were painted white on the bottom. I was told that it gives a clean look and symbolizes peace, (I don’t know if that’s true.)

CD’s, DVD’s, etc.

Chalet Teresita, Chalatenango

Estos jóvenes estaban usando pintura en aerosol en la pared en plena luz del día. Estaban destruyendo la propiedad o creando arte? No lo sabemos.

These young people were spray painting the wall in broad daylight. Were they destroying property or creating art? We don’t know.

¿Quién quiere agua de coco?

Who wants agua de coco?

Este era el pasajero en frente de nosotros en la fila mientras esperábamos abordar nuestro vuelo de regreso. Una familia en los Estados Unidos iba a comer Pollo Campero por la cena. (Tenga en cuenta que la bolsa tiene una foto de la catedral antes de que fuera destruido unos meses más tarde.)

This was the passenger in front of us in line while we waited to board our flight home. A family in the United States is going to eat Pollo Campero for dinner. (Note that the bag has a photo of the cathedral before it was destroyed a few months later.)

Mamá Americana, Niño Latino

After a busy weekend with friends, today we’re just watching a fútbol game, (Manchester United vs. Swansea City), and relaxing. On a commercial break this commercial in Spanish from Kraft Mac & Cheese came on and it was so cute, I knew I had to share it here.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored or paid post. I shared this video because I like it. Congrats to the people at Kraft for not only making a great commercial but for having the smarts to make it available online so people can share it via social media. Other companies, take note – this is how it’s done.

Perritos en la Cancha

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation in italics!

Image source: Kate Lokteva

El título lo dice todo. Este post combina dos cosas que me encantan – los perritos y el fútbol. No sé cuál es más lindo, los perros que se divierten en la cancha, o los jugadores que sonríen mientras tratan de capturarlos. Chécalo!

The title says it all. This post combines two things I love – puppies and soccer. I don’t know which is cuter, the dogs that have fun out on the field, or the players who are smiling while trying to capture them. Check it out!

Y un vídeo para los que aman a los gatos! (And one video for the cat lovers!)

La lección de un boleto equivocado

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation below!

boleto USA

Esta foto está circulando en las redes sociales – ¿pero qué es? Esta es una foto de boleto de avión, pre-comprado para un jugador de fútbol del equipo estadounidense. CONCACAF compraba los boletos antes del partido, con la suposición errónea que los Estados Unidos van a ganar y ir a las finales en Kansas City. La realidad? El Salvador ganó el partido y ahora ustedes pueden ver que el nombre de un jugador estadounidense (Joe Corona), está tachado, y el nombre de un jugador salvadoreño, (Juan Rodas), está añadido en bolígrafo azul.

A CONCACAF, una lección: No vendas la leche antes de comprar la vaca.

Y a “La Azulita” (equipo Sub 23 de El Salvador) y todos leyendo esto: Crean en ustedes mismos, aunque otros les digan que sus metas no son realistas. Sueñen, trabajan duro y pueden lograrlo. Todo es posible.


This photo is circulating on social networks – but what is it? This is a photo of an airline ticket, pre-bought for a player on the US soccer team. CONCACAF bought the tickets before the game, wrongly assuming that the United States would win and go on to the finals in Kansas City. The reality? El Salvador won that game and now you can see that the name of the U.S. player (Joe Corona), has been crossed out. The name of a Salvadoran player (Juan Rodas), has been added in blue ink.

To CONCACAF, a lesson: Don’t sell the milk before you buy the cow. (Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.)

And to “La Azulita” (the Sub 23 team for El Salvador), as well as to everyone reading this: Believe in yourselves, even when others tell you that your goals aren’t realistic. Dream, work hard, and you can achieve it. Anything is possible.

Futbolín Humano, Human Foosball and Taca Taca

Image source: kurafire

While writing an article for Fox News Latino about Rapimoto, I had the opportunity to interview the owner of the company, Bernardo Bravo. Our E-mails went back and forth a few times and Bernardo mentioned to me that he had another company where he sells “cosas muy curiosas” – so I clicked over to see what these curious things might be.

While I found a lot of fun, interesting things, the Futbolín Humano definitely got my attention. In English we know the game as Foosball or Table Football/Soccer. Carlos calls it Fútbolito, but some countries call it Futbolín. Chile seems to prefer the term “Taca Taca” for the game. Whatever you call it, the game takes on new fun when you become part of it as you do in the version called “Futbolín Humano” (Human Foosball or Taca Taca Humano.)

Here’s regular Futbolín:

Image source: ccarlstead

And here’s Futbolín Humano:

Love this version with school children. Wish we had these built on playgrounds in the United States:

Hey look, there's even Futbolín Gato ... who knew?
Image source: ClintJCL


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