2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards CD Giveaway

While nothing can compare with actually attending the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, which I was fortunate enough to do last year, this CD es bien buenísimo. All the songs on this CD are by finalists, so you know it’s got to be good. Chécalo! SHAKIRA – featuring El Cata – Rabiosa PITBULL – […]

T-Pain Microphone – Giveaway!

Okay, if you don’t listen to hip-hop/rap/popular music, you might not know who T-Pain is – so let me introduce you. T-Pain is an American hip-hop artist who developed a unique sound and style by consistently using and thus popularizing “auto tuning.” Auto-tuning is basically an audio process which corrects pitch. Auto-tune has taken a […]

New Here?

If you’re new here, mucho gusto. Encantada. (Nice to meet you.) I thought this FAQ might be a good way to get acquainted. These are answers to questions people often E-mail me upon discovering Latinaish.com, as well as some links to related posts. (Click the questions for the answers.) LATINAISH.com FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Who […]

Belleza en Grande

Telemundo is beginning a special series aimed at plus-sized women to air during their show “Al Rojo Vivo.” The series, “Belleza en Grande” seeks to promote acceptance of all body shapes and sizes while providing helpful fashion advice. Spanish-language television isn’t exactly known for promoting acceptance of anything but perfect bodies, (and English-language television isn’t […]

Come chat with me + Surropa!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know how much I love Surropa.com. Aside from wearing their T-shirts, I’ve blogged about them and mention them on Twitter and Facebook once in awhile, too. Short description of their company if you don’t know: Miami-based clothing company with shirts, (and other items), in […]