Image source: Luis Argerich

I started blogging over 5 years ago. My blog has gone through many incarnations. Maybe that’s a reflection of myself.

The first blog was devoted mostly to funny anecdotes about the niños, but as they got older and their cuteness wore off, I started to run out of material. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still bien preciosos, but I think I’ve officially outgrown the “Mommy blogger” phase, just as surely as my little ones have outgrown their Oshkosh overalls. {Ouch. Little stab in the heart right then… okay, estoy bien.}

After that I tried a travel blog whence I blogged about places I’d like to travel to, since I don’t have the money to actually go these days. That was perhaps just as exciting as a nun’s sex blog…not…that… I’ve read anything of the sort.

Next was my book review blog, and then there was a personal blog which I switched to private mode and being in private mode can get kind of boring.

For awhile I considered not blogging at all anymore, but I need it. I may be a shy person, but I like to have a voice, I like to connect to others, and well, therapy isn’t covered by insurance.

Ya, enough explaining. Read on and you’ll see.


  1. I love you. Seriously. Your my new Be-efe-efe, lol. I just like that you are you, nice, silly, loud, brave, respectful, sarcastic, straight-forward, interested in life, discouraged by people, and honest about your feelings.

  2. Rox – I didn’t realize but you’re right. Total immersion, baby! ;) … You gave me the idea to add a vocabulary section. (See the sidebar and enjoy!)

    Humincat – I totally heart you. You really made me feel good. Thanks for the sonrisa, amiga :)

  3. I read one of your posts and then I couldn’t help looking for more, I had so much fun reading about la suegra, her perfume and her habit of taking things out of the neighbors’ trash. You have such a spicy and humorous writing that one can’t just get enough. Blessings.

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