4 thoughts on “Mi Elefante

  1. Humincat – First draw the outline of an animal on an 8×11 piece of paper (like computer printer paper).

    Next, gather all your old magazines and cut out swatches of colors/textures from the pages. (Advertisements in the magazines work well for this.) Figure out which ones you really like and which colors go together nicely by arranging them on your animal.

    Next is the difficult part. You need to cut the swatches so they fit on the outline of the animal. It just takes some patience, careful scissors and an eye for estimating. It’s okay if they overlap each other within the outline, but it’s hard to get them to match the outside of the outline.

    Use a glue stick (or fancy decoupage glue if you have it), to put the swatches in place.

    To get it on my blog, I used a flat bed scanner. I just scanned it in a photo editing program and uploaded it.

  2. I LOVE IT!

    Now I am inspired to do some collage too.

    (PS, I am picking up some Spanish from you… other than Dora the Explorer, there is not a whole lot of Spanish spoken in my Canadian city… then again there is a decent Mexican population at my husband’s work, go figure).

    • @ Pol – Oh, I hope you do a collage! If you do, please share :)

      Glad you’re picking up some Spanish. Mentioning Dora the Explorer reminded me of this parody video:

      (Can you watch Hulu videos up there? By the way, this video is not for kids!!)

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