Remind me not to fall into a coma in any small villages south of the border

Image source: Bert 23 Baum

My Suegra just told me a crazy story. I’m going to have nightmares.

A few weeks ago a great uncle of hers passed away. Back home in his mountain village, the family gathered around to bury him. They lowered the coffin into the ground, they started to shovel dirt on top when all of a sudden, they heard a pounding sound coming from the coffin. They stopped and started throwing the dirt off. They put their ears to the coffin and knocked back. “HELLO?! UNCLE?! HELLO?!” …. Nothing. Maybe they were hearing things. They started to shovel dirt onto the coffin again, and it happened again.

An elder relative decided his spirit could not properly rest because the three adult sons of the old man had not been on good terms with him when he died. They made the three sons go down to the coffin in the hole and apologize. After that, the coffin was quiet and it was buried.

I didn’t ask her why the hell they didn’t pull the coffin back out of the hole and pry it open. It’s kind of too late for that, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Remind me not to fall into a coma in any small villages south of the border

  1. That is just wrong! Ready for another REALLY fucked up story?
    Did I ever tell you the story my MIL told me about her little perrito that she and her sister couldn’t agree on a name for? They argued for days over it, so her dad got pissed, grabbed a machete and cut it in half in one big swipe and said now they both could name their half.

    She laughs hysterically with tears and sideaches everytime she tells that story, btw.

  2. Humincat (shudder) OMG…….

    S.L, That reminds me of the episode from Lost where those two people got bit by a bug that made them appear dead for 48 hours until the poison wore off, and the whole while they were presumed dead they could hear and see everything but could not move at all? I heard that’s a real thing. Ultimately they were buried. SO SAD about theu ncle.

  3. I had to look up “perrito”…. that’s terrible!

    My dad let us name our rabbits (conejo?) but we were warned that they were FOOD and would be slaughtered and we would be eating them no matter what their names were. Strangely I had no problem with that…

    • @ Pol – Conejo is correct for “Rabbit”… plural, “Conejos” :) Muy bien :) (Now I sound like my 7th grade Spanish teacher!)

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