El Grillo

cricket 5:45 am – Knocking at my bedroom door.

I peek out from my blankets at the alarm clock and groan. “What?”

Two sets of feet shuffle near my door. “Mommy, there’s a giant grillo in our room.”

I sit up in bed. “What do you want me to do about it?”
“Can’t Daddy come kill it?” the 11 year old says. (He still calls us Mommy and Daddy. I can’t imagine that will last much longer.)

“Daddy went to work already,” I answer. “You’re the man of the house now. You have to kill it.”

The feet remain at my door. Nervous silence. A deep breath. “Okay.”

I feel a little guilty but I can’t kill it. I have a major fear of grillos. They’re like huge jumping cucarachas. I hate them. I hate them so much. ¡Qué horror! I cringe, and go back to sleep.

5:55 am – Screaming.

I slip some clothes on and get out of bed. I find our youngest son sitting on the dinner table the same way a woman stands on a chair when there’s a mouse in the kitchen. From the bedroom I hear our older son alternately smacking furniture with a chancla and yelping.

6:00 am – The grillo has declared a temporary victory as the kids had to get ready for school and he has hidden behind the heaviest piece of furniture in their bedroom. Every few minutes he chirps and it sounds like he’s laughing at us.

16 thoughts on “El Grillo

  1. I have never come face to face with a cricket- I hear them from time to time but so far *knock on wood* they’ve never made it inside. I hope you guys get it soon!

  2. But they are LUCKY bugs! I have always been told a cricket in the house was a good omen (so I can’t think killing it would be on my agenda — catch and release only).

    Now cockroaches I can’t imagine tolerating (thankfully I have never met one outside the bug zoo).

    I despise earwigs, and mash them mercilessly on sight, and the giant house spiders can give me a few squeals of terror if I am surprised by one…. but I have to trap it and let it outdoors… I always suspect that karma will get me if I squish a spider (like it was the one that was put on this Earth to keep the flies out of the kitchen or something).

    Recently I had clothes moths in my bedroom… I had to do a top-down clean out of all lint and dust (including drawers and closet) and hang all my clothes out in the full sun to try to get rid of the pests…. not sure if it has worked yet. But I haven’t seen one since.

    • @ Pol – I know they’re supposed to be lucky and being a little superstitious myself, I don’t enjoy killing them. Even if they weren’t lucky, I sort of believe in the whole karma thing and I don’t like smashing spiders or ants or moths or stinkbugs or any of the other creepy crawlies that make it into my house but catch-and-release takes more bravery than smack-and-scream. If it’s a ladybug or a firefly – something I’m not grossed out by, it has a much better chance of making it out alive. LOL.

  3. I don’t like ANY ANY ANY bugs in my house, but crickets don’t bother me too much. My SIL backyard gets COVERED in them at dusk and so we became really use to them. It would drive me crazy to listen to it all day though, knowing you couldn’t really get rid of it. Now, cucarachas? Yuck yuck, double yuck. I don’t even want to see one. We have them at the office where I work, and about once a week one of us girls will find one and I can’t even go see it, dead or alive. The others are quite annoyed that I scream and make them kill it, but whatever, they don’t have to, I’m just not going to and then it is going to jump on a patient and then they will scream and fall off the table and we will have a lawsuit and no more jobs. But whatever. :)

  4. don’t kill it! catch and release! it’s bad luck to kill a cricket (grillo). I use two big plastic cups to scoop and hold until i can get it outside. :) good luck!

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