Where Do Latinos Come From, and other Google Questions

Sometimes I Google just to see what other people are Googling. If you use Google often, you know that as you start to type a word or phrase, it will offer suggestions based on what other people have searched for in the past.

I decided to simply type the words “Do Latinos” and “Do Hispanics” to see what would pop up. Here are some amusing screenshots.



It’s interesting the questions people ask behind the anonymity of Google. Some of the questions are good questions, some show a bit of ignorance, some are silly or funny, some seem like innocent curiosity and others may be tinged with a bit of racism, but behind all those questions are people and it’s better that those people are asking questions to learn something new instead of being content not knowing.

And now, to be fair, I also Googled “Do White Girls”…


I had to laugh at this one. Apparently white girls are equal opportunity sluts :)

Oh, and to answer the question in the title, “Where do Latinos come from?”

Answer: Latinoland … por supuesto :)


    • Anna – I think you don’t understand the term? If so, the results were simply funny because “white girls” in the United States have a reputation for having casual sex.

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