Google Search on Women’s Preferences

As I mentioned before, I love reading the Google suggestions when I search for something. They’re often quite amusing.

I came across this one by accident today:


Translation: Why do women love assholes/jerks/idiots

(“Pendejo” can mean a variety of things.)


  1. What?… What do you mean? So… “Pendejo” means idiot / jerk / asshole? Are you sure?
    Damn Mexicans… and I always thought they call me “pende-jo” because they thought I was Indian, since they call me “cool arrow” I thought “pende-jo” was some type of Indian, you know like Navajo.

    Nava-jo… Pende-jo

    Damn… You just burst my bubble… Thank you very much…. LOL


    P.D. ¿Y entonces porque las mujeres no me aman si soy un pendejo?… nadie me quiere….. Por feo… Ya no es por pendejo, es por feo.

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