You know you married a Salvadoran when…

Okay, bear with me on this one. If you aren’t married to a Salvadoran, this won’t amuse you. For those of you familiar with the ways of nuestros queridos guanacos, read on…

You know you’re Married to a Salvadoran when…

• You have a machete in the closet

• You know what “puchica” means

• You celebrate National Pupusa Day on the 2nd Sunday of November

• You can pronounce “Chalatenango” and “Zacatecoluca”

• You know that a “guanaco” is not just a South American llama

• You think Pollo Campero is better than KFC

• You’ve come to think that pointing at things with your lips instead of your finger is normal

• You’ve drank soda from a plastic bag

• You’ve rarely seen your spouse without “chanclas” in the house

• You don’t bother buying a swimsuit anymore and just swim in your clothes

• You try to scare your kids with stories of Cipitío and La Sihuanaba

• People have asked if your spouse is in MS-13 as a “joke”, but you could tell they were a little worried

• When your spouse’s relatives say they want to “visit”, you know they’re moving in


  1. I love this (and your site!) and I am wondering what my Gringo husband would write about living with a Cuban-American wife, and dealing with the in-laws…Oh boy.
    (Nice to meet you. I’ve been lurking…)

    • @ Carrie – Thanks for de-lurking and commenting! Mucho gusto :)

      I feel for your husband. LOL. I think us gringos know that the in-laws are part of the package when we marry a Latino/a, but we don’t fully realize how much so until later. It can be difficult, but it keeps life interesting! … Our marriage has never been boring, that’s for sure.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to “visiting” you back :)

  2. Jjajajaj! I LOVE it! I´ve caught myself doing the pointing with my lips! And as soon as I hit Salvadorean ground the puchica starts spitting out of my mouth non-stop.
    an have you heard the “No es lo mismo decir Zacatecoluceño que decir Zacate la …..” OK..I can’t write the rest’s a family blog. Go ask your Salvadoreño to fill in the blanks ;)

  3. Puchica, esto está súper chivo! Crecí escuchando las historias del Cipitio, la Ciguanaba, el Justo Juez (a veces creía verlos!!)y la Carreta Chillona (medio de transporte de los antes mencionados).
    No sólo soy Salvadoreña pero casada con uno! No guardamos el machete en el closet (pero si tengo uno) y si uso traje de baño. A todos los demás puntos des doy un BIG YES!
    Salú :)

  4. Jajajajajaja i had a lot of fun reading both posts!! I never imagined a gringa would know la siguanaba and el cipitio stories jajajajajajaj…en el pollo campero tastes better than kfc huh?? Jajajaja and how about eating pupusa using a fork..nobody uses a fork when eating pupusas in my country but here if you dont use a fork when eating a pupusa, people will look at you as you were from a different world jajajaja

    • Gracias Vladimir. Glad you got to read both mine and Carlos’s and that you enjoyed them.

      I learned to eat pupusas the “right” way from Carlos so I can’t imagine eating a pupusa with a fork – it wouldn’t taste the same if you’re not sucking it off your fingers with curtido and salsa jajaja ;) … At home we eat so much food with our fingers that my 10 year old is still not very good at cutting things with fork and knife. Oops!

  5. Omigosh some of these are actually true!!!! XD we used to have a machete, I’ve only had juice and water from a plastic bag and whenever we say chalatenango we always say chalate (mah family is from there :D)

    • Chalate? Where from exactly, if I may ask, Anonymous? I am just curious to know people from there since my mother and I are from there :D

  6. I work at an auto parts store in a farming town near Fresno. A Salvadoran came in and asked for a particular part. “Quero la parte que ronca como un burro cuando prendes el carro.” I knew what he meant.. he wanted a starter.. shoot me..

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