This song makes me happy and I need it today.

When I sing along, I can’t help but imitate the Castilian accent. Me encanta the way he pronounces that first line, “Bonito, todo me parece bonito,” so that the “parece” sounds like “pareTHe”.


  1. My husband snorts everytime he hears somebody talk like this. The first time I heard it, I asked my then boyfriend (hubby) “What caused that poor girls lisp?” He laughed for 10 minutes before explaining they talk like that on purpose. I’ve come to figure out, it isn’t so much “on purpose” but the way they are taught, their ‘accent’ and dialect. Cool song though.

    • LOL, yes, there was a time when I thought a disproportionate number of Spaniards were gay. Hee hee. I like it though. I think it’s such a unique aspect of the accent.

      I heard a story, (though I don’t know if it’s historical fact or urban legend) – that there was a Spanish king who spoke with a lisp, and people began imitating him. That’s how the Spanish accent was born.

  2. The accent (the lisp) you all are talking about, it’s used to distinguish the sound between the “c” the “s” and the “z”… that’s all… that’s the way they supposed to sound correctly, in America the c, s and z sound the same.

    The accent, they call it in Spanish “cecear” (hablar ceceando)

    The story about the King Carlos V (early 1500s) is totally false.

    The accent started in the early 1600s, little after the publication of the novel “El Quijote de la Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

    P.D. By the way, I’m half-breed, half Spanish and half German with Mexican Heart and American (U.S.) spirit.

    Saludos… Greetings.

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