Adiós Walter

Walter Mercado is no más!

The non-Latinos out there are saying, “Who?” … So, dame un momento to explain. Walter Mercado is a TV psychic. I would put a photo of him here but he creeps me out, so you’ll have to go to Google Images and look for yourself. The man wears fancier jewelery and costumes than the Queen of England and is more diva than Mariah Carey. He is well known for his extravagant way of speaking, trilling his R’s much longer than is necessary. (Mucho, mucho, Amorrrrrrrrrr.)

Well, Walter used to give horoscopes in a segment during Primer Impacto, which is an Univison news program. (Yes, astrology between segments about the economy and weather. Don’t ask. It’s the Spanish language channel. Stranger things have happened.)

Now, Univision has not renewed Walter’s contract and he’s gone! I hate to be so joyful about that, but you don’t understand the torture I’ve been through over the years. Suegra ADORES Walter, and God help you if you tried to talk to her while he was giving the horoscope for Pisces.

“Suegra, are you going to eat dinner? Should I set a plate for you?”

“Shhhhhhhhhh!!! Walter está hablando!!” {turns volume up on the TV}

So, adiós Walter. Who knows what the future holds… oh wait, you do. Well then, you should be fine.

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