lucky ɹɐǝʍɹǝpun

2010 is sucking cojónes. I could write a long list of crap that is my pinche vida right now but I don’t want to spread the negativity. I’m trying to be positive.

So, instead of complaining about my life, I’ll tell you something funny about Suegra. That always cheers me up.

Today I found out that she wears her underwear inside-out. She believes it gives her good luck. Mr. López swears it isn’t just her and that there are other Salvadorans who wear their calzónes al revés for suerte, too.

This is how I know I haven’t become totally hopeless. At least I haven’t considered putting my panties on the wrong way… (yet.)

12 thoughts on “lucky ɹɐǝʍɹǝpun

  1. Our 2010 is off to a bad start too. I sure hope this isn’t a sign of what is to come.

    We all knew your MIL was a bit odd. LOL And um, just out of curiosity, how did you find out she wears them inside out? And how exactly does she think that will bring her good luck?

    You should buy her some reversible panties. That would mess up her day! :D

  2. Reversible panties would be funny!

    Don’t feel restraint about whining, it always feels better to put it out to the Universe to help you find a solution… at least it works for me! Spreading negativity is not what that is.

  3. When I was pregnant the first time, I was told (by my MIL) that I had to either: a)wear red underwear, b)where a safety pin on my underwear, c)attach something red, like a scrap of cloth, to my underwear with a safety pin, or d) all of the above, just to be extra safe. Wondering why? OBVIOUSLY because there was an eclipse and my baby was going to be born with retardation problems. There were two eclipses actually, and so POR SEGURO! la nina va a salir mencita, por floja y vendeja La Guera! Hysterics and daily checking couldn’t convince me, and logic and reasoning and lying couldn’t convince her, so we just dropped the subject. I SOOO wanted to bring it up after the baby was born, to point out that her bawling for weeks on end was pointless, and that the moons cycles don’t override genetic codes, and if they did, safety pins couldn’t block it. Oh, and she wears her bras and underwear inside out all the time, but just because she is lazy, and doesn’t check first, lol.

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  5. You see, this is why I can’t do without your posts..daily quality entertainment! My ex used to tell me if I wanted to “win” (ie. earn) a lot of money in a new year, I have to wear yellow or gold panties on NYE. Yeah, so that’s probably why I haven’t hit the jackpot yet! haha! Thanks for making us smile. Sorry that 2010 hasn’t been good to you, but I have some good news–it’s almost over! : ) I hope things turn around muy pronto. We all get in a funk once in a while. Sometimes it’s better to acknowledge it and then get over it, instead bottling it up and denying it.
    Abrazos de tu otra hermana, Victory

    • @ Victory – Thanks. When I posted this blog post originally, it was way back in January. I had moved it to draft for some reason and when I linked it on my most recent post, I re-published it, (which, if you’re subscribed via RSS, maybe it came through as a newly published post? Sorry about that!) — but luckily I’m not in a funk like I was back then. The year is almost over as you said and I’m doing well :)

      • OMG, my ex-viejo always wore his underware inside out and for the same reason, LUCK. I never questioned it, I always made sure when I folded them that they were inside out. He also had a baby shoe tied to the inside of his car.

        I am surely glad that as this year is coming to a close that things have gotten better for you or atleast they were as of Oct.

      • Yes, it’s strange to go back and read these older blog posts that you’re commenting on. We have been through some hard times as a family, and Suegra and I have had a rocky relationship – but I think that we are learning to get along these days. Hopefully it only continues to get better.

        LOL about the underwear and baby shoe.

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