nieve y más nieve

We were snowed in… Literally. We couldn’t open the doors yesterday morning without snow falling into the house. A neighbor couldn’t open his doors at all and had to crawl out a window to clear the snow from the doors from the outside. We spent all of yesterday digging out, and then helping elderly neighbors dig out. This morning I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I have one day to recover before we get another foot of snow.

Too much has gone on the past couple days for me to write a cohesive blog post, so here are the highlights in quote form.


“Mommy, don’t tell Abuela about the Superbowl.”
“Because I’m rooting for the Colts but if she finds out The Saints are playing, she’ll get all excited. You know how crazy she gets about Santos.”
-Our oldest son (talking about his grandmother’s devotion to saints)


{We’re playing in the snow. My oldest son comes running in my direction}
“Hey, Mommy!”
“Woah, stop! Don’t come that way. Go around!”
“You’ll compromise the structural integrity of my igloo.”
“You’ll knock it down, man.”


“I’m not worried about going hungry during the blizzard. I can survive on beans and tortillas.”
-Suegra (before the storm)


“There’s nothing good to eat.”
-Suegra (during the storm while eating beans and tortillas)


“Get down from there! Are you crazy!? You have two children to take care of and you’ll leave them fatherless!!!”

-Neighbor lady (yelling at Mr. López who climbed onto the roof to knock some snow off… By the way, our house is only one story high, and if he hadn’t knocked snow off the air intake to the furnace, we wouldn’t have had heat.)


“Are you wearing just your flip-flops out there?! Get in here!”
“You and Daddy do it!”

-Littlest son (points out my unfair rules)


“Mommy! Abuela is bossing me about how to shovel the snow like she’s an expert, and they don’t even have snow in El Salvador, do they?!”

-Oldest son (gets fed up with Suegra playing foreman while he shovels the driveway)


Mr. López: “Mamá, do you want a cheese sandwich? That’s what she’s making for lunch.”
Suegra: {Staring at her telenovela, semi-comatose} “Maybe later.”
Me: {whispering} “You better tell her that there is no later. I’m making sandwiches NOW. This isn’t a diner.”
Mr López: “She’s making them now, so if you want one you better say so.”
Suegra: “No.”
{I get out enough bread and cheese and put everything else away. Telenovela goes to commercial.}
Suegra: “Well, what kind of sandwich is it again?”
Mr. López: “Cheese – just cheese and butter, toasted.”
Suegra: “Well, if she wants to make me one, I’ll take one.”
Me: {mumbling and cursing while taking the ingredients out again}
Mr. López: {whispers} “Sorry… don’t kill her.”
{15 minutes later}
Mr. López: {holds out plate with grilled cheese sandwich on it out to Suegra, who is once again lost to the telenovela}, “Madre, lunch is ready, see? Are you coming to the table?”
Suegra: “What’s that?”
Mr. López: “Your sandwich.”
Suegra: “Oh… I thought it would be something better, with maybe ham and lettuce.”


  1. sigh…..

    (If you murder her, blame cabin fever from the snowstorm.)

    So you know, up here in CANADA we have a temperature of 50 degrees F (10C) today with sunny breaks. The lawn looks like it needs mowing and the crocus’s are out. (oh yes, I AM GLOATING!)

    No bad for February.

    • @ Pol – 50 degree weather in Canada?! But your igloos will melt?! … Hee hee ;)

      It was actually really sunny here today, (though still cold). I bundled up and laid in the snow with my eyes closed while the boys played. I almost convinced myself I was at the beach until my butt cheeks became numb.

  2. Hahahaha! We have a roommate, and my older daughter gets SOOO annoyed if she starts to boss the girls around or my daughters FAVORITE, repeating what I said after I reprimand the girls. Like rubbing salt in a wound. And yeah, numb cheeks is not quite the beach-esque experience. :)

  3. We’ve only got about half the snow we normally get this year! I’m almost jealous of the blizzards I keep reading about.

    I would have spit in her sandwich. I’m awful.

  4. i’m with you on the snow–it wont STOP! we had 30 inches on friday/saturday, and we just got another 16-20 inches today with the blizzard. this is CRAZINESS! I don’t have cabin fever yet–but then again, i’ve had to go to work every day Until today. I actually got a snow day! w00t!

    Hang in there, chica. It will get better, and you will have the heat of summer again in no time.

  5. All of the highlights were sooo funny pero su hijo hablando de los santos had my cheeks hurting! Good stuff. guao @ the snow you all had! I live in Kansas, our blizzards (and weather overall) are no joke either; Diache! lol. Cia0 for n0w!

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