¿De qué tienes miedo tú?

Last week I got an unexpected invitation to an event in Miami which will be at the end of May. I never in a million years thought that my husband would let me go, but I mentioned it to him anyway. He gave me the expected answer of “No y no!” … It’s funny how I feel unappreciated here at home sometimes, yet when there’s any possibility of me going away for a day or two, the family acts as if the entire household would collapse in my absence.

After a day or two my husband couldn’t take any more of my quiet disappointment and he relented. He said I can go! For those of you with machos protectivos, tú sabes que esto es un BIG DEAL.

So I went from deep disappointment to absolute joy within minutes, but it didn’t take long for the anxiety to set in. Now I was SCARED. Why would I be scared to go? There are many reasons. For a shy person, taking this trip is stepping out of my comfort zone in a million ways.

So, that’s how I had been feeling over the weekend. SCARED. Excited, but scared.

Well, yesterday I went to Mass and the homily that the Padre gave was about “miedo” (fear). He said some rather inspiring things. The one quote I latched on to was “Viva tu vida sin miedo.” (Live your life without fear). The “Viva tu vida” is rather catchy in Spanish.

Of course, I can’t even have a religious experience without interruption. The Padre turns to the congregation and says, after a dramatic pause, ¿De qué tienes miedo tú? (Of what are YOU afraid of?)

There was silence as people pondered the question… and then, from the back of the church, a man’s voice with a very strong Mexican accent replies to the rhetorical question…

“La migra!”

There was quite a bit of laughter and it took awhile for it to die down so the Padre could go on with the message but the Padre seemed to have a sense of humor about it.


  1. @ pol – I almost always put the new words over in the “Vocabulary” page. “La migra” is slang for “Immigration agents” :)

  2. Hahaha! I can’t believe he said that in the middle of church. And wow! I can’t believe he doesn’t mind you going. For us, the argument is always money “no ay dinero” is said here on a daily basis, of course unless its for his gallos. Speaking of that, I hope you don’t chicken out! :)

  3. I wish I could had been there. Watching my Dad losing his fight to cancer, has made very, very afraid of having an agony like his.

  4. “Fear is a friend who’s misunderstood.” I totally get the whole travel anxiety thing. It is totally something you can get through. When it gets scary, just tell yourself “It’s just a feeling, it will pass.” I’m glad you get to go!

  5. La migra!!! JAJAJA!!! Of course! Ay pobre hombre!

    I love this “vive tu vida sin miedo”, it rings with so much truth and sense! After all, what are we truly afraid of?
    And also, what are we waiting for to do the things that make us happy? Seriously! :D
    So have lots of fun in Miami and we´ll all be cheering for you to have the best of times!
    Salud por los valientes que se avientan con todo y miedo! YAY!

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