Gaucho Gorgeous

I don’t buy women’s magazines. I used to years ago, but then I realized every time I looked at them, I felt worse about myself. I also grew annoyed with the conflicting messages. Often on the very same cover you will see something like, “50 cupcake recipes you can’t resist!” alongside “How to lose 10 pounds in one day!” (This is only a slight exaggeration.)

Well, today I was browsing the magazines at the store while I waited for my husband, (he was lost somewhere in electronics.)  I picked up the May issue of Marie Claire because it claimed to contain photos of Jessica Simpson without makeup or retouching, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing –  except as I searched through the pages of the magazine for Jessica, I found something quite different.

I flipped back a few pages to find out what in the world this image went to. Turns out it’s part of a fashion spread called “Gaucho Gorgeous”. I don’t see myself going out to the grocery store dressed like an Argentinian cowboy any time soon, but fortunately some of the other photos weren’t quite so silly.


  1. I feel the same way about women’s magazines. Even the “More” magazine, geared towards women who are over 40, go on about aging gracefully yet are full of ads for anti-aging products. Ugh. I usually stick to decorating magazines and Readers’ Digest. I’m cool.

  2. Other than her looking like a stick figure, it is an intriguing look.

    I dispise those magazinges too. My sister buys them regularly, but I just don’t “get it”. Generally the fashion is unrealistic and the makeup is terrible! The mag is 70% ads, 25% fluff and 5% or less interesting article. Go figure.

  3. I agree. There’s definitely too many ads and junk in most magazines. Even the ones I get, like Family Fun, I almost never actually do the activities. Then in ones I get specifically for the articles, like National Geographic, I just flip through and read the ads or look at the pictures!

    • I like National Geographic, too, although I don’t subscribe. That’s usually the first one I pick up in a doctor’s waiting room.

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