Lettuce Recall

There is a recall on lettuce due to E-coli contamination.

In other news, the United States has been treating Latinos like second class citizens.

Just sayin’.

(Warning: Video is not politically correct and contains adult language. Don’t watch if you can’t take a joke.)

4 thoughts on “Lettuce Recall

  1. Political correctness is overrated. I love George Lopez!

    I wonder if the unemployed American population would be willing to do the jobs that the immigrant workers do? Somehow, I doubt it, yet they are quick to piss and moan that “they are stealing our jobs.” It drives me nuts, that’s why I rarely comment when you blog about immigration issues. Well, that and the fact that I don’t really feel informed enough to comment on the situation since I’m a white chick from Canada…

  2. @ HeartinHand – Would unemployed Americans be willing to do the jobs of immigrant workers? In a word – NO, at least not for the same rate of pay. You’re talking about some of the most labor intensive jobs you can imagine and for some of the lowest pay in the nation. It’s not even close to enough for the standard of living many people are used to. You would see the price of products and services skyrocket as employers would have to pay employees more. $1 lettuce? Not going to happen.

    Besides that, many of these jobs, particularly in agriculture, require great skill. Not just any regular person can walk in there and easily be taught how to do it. There are also the issues of crops being seasonal. You have to be able to migrate to the different crops in various states. It’s not what most Americans would consider a stable way of life for a family.

    Here’s a really interesting article:


  3. I can’t ever see your videos! It is just completely blank area, not even a message or a box or anything. Probably my security setup, you never know what the kids might accidently click on, so I guess I’ll just keep suffering.

    • @ Humincat – OMG, you have to figure out what is wrong with your computer. The videos I put up are awesome. LOL. This is a clip of George Lopez on this post and it’s hilarious. They’re just YouTube videos. Do you have that site blocked to protect the niñas?

      Here’s the direct link. Try putting it into your URL bar:

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