Last night we went out shopping because I’m still trying to find a few things for my upcoming trip to Miami. Right now the focus of my quest is to find a formal blusa. Nothing I have feels quite right.

After trying on a dozen blusas and shaking my head in disgust at each one, I accepted defeat for the evening. On our way to the exit, we passed the Men’s Department, and something on the display table caught my eye.

I forgot all about my quest for a formal blusa and held the green Mexico T-shirt up to myself, deciding that I wanted it right then and there.

“Nene, comprame este?” I said, giving him my sweetest smile.

My husband, already halfway to the door, turned around, looked at the shirt and scowled.


“Come on! I really like it!”
“No way!…Traitor. You like Mexico more than El Salvador.”
“Are you serious?”
“There’s no El Salvador shirt here, come on.”
“It’s only $7 and I really want it, please?”
“When I die you’re going to marry a Mexican.”
“What?!… It’s just a shirt! You’re celoso of a SHIRT?”

My husband crossed his arms over his chest.

“Come on,” I pleaded. “Look, there’s a shirt for England. You can buy that and wear it, I won’t care.”

“Not the same,” he said, turning and heading for the exit.

I folded the shirt neatly, and placed it back on the display table… but I will return later.

Song: Celos, performed by MEXICAN group. BANDA ORIGINAL DEL SOL
… Jijiji :)

10 thoughts on “Celos

  1. This is great! You are one character Sra. Lopez! I am from El Salvador, so I’m with the hubs on this one ( : I think you need a “El Salvador” shirt!

    Audrey and I dance to Fanny Lu’s version of this song!

    Catching up on your blog was the perfect way to start my Saturday morning!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • @ Marcela – I also like Fanny Lu’s version but this video is too funny. I laugh every time he chucks that water bottle at the guy. Hee hee.

      Suegra has brought me shirts from El Salvador before but they’re never “cool”. They’re always tourist shirts that say stuff like, “Yo Vengo de El Salvador ¿Y usted cuando va?” (with silly graphics.) I also have a Presidente Funes handbag. LOL. Don’t be jealous now! ;)

      Have a Happy Mother’s Day, too! :)

  2. LOL! My motto is better to ask for forgiveness than permission! I’d have bought the shirt right then and there. Maybe slipped it on in the parking lot.

    • @HeartinHand – I know that proverb to be “Better to ask permission than beg forgiveness”. Have I had it backwards all this time or are you being cheeky? LOL. Hm, you’ve opened up a new world to me ;)

      As for putting it on in the parking lot – I try not to unnecessarily provoke him. That would have been waving a red cloth in front of a bull!





  4. haha! This reminds me of Carlos Mencia when he asks a bunch of Mexicans to say “I hate Mexico” and none of them will do it even if they are fourth generation but every American he asked to scream “I hate America” did it with gusto. Us Latinos have fierce pride!

  5. I am with Mr. Chaclas on this one!!! There has ALWAYS been a little something between Mex and ES, SPECIALLY when it comes to futbol!
    The El Salvador’s LA SELECTA sucks, but it’s our team and we support them no matter what!
    Now… you have a Presidente Funes handbag!!!! Ahora la celosa soy yo!!!

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