Love is…

Last week my husband refused to buy me a shirt because he disagreed with the text printed on it, but in the end he swallowed his pride and surprised me by making a special trip back to the store to get it for me.

When a Salvadoran man buys a shirt declaring Mexico to be “numero uno”, you better believe he’s in love.

(¡Te quiero también, nene!)

12 thoughts on “Love is…

    • LMAO! … Maybe if my husband focused on the “letters” instead of the shirt as a whole, he might like it better ;)

  1. Love is…getting an awesome treat in the mail and only having to freeze it for a little while! Thanks babe, your the best!!! So, cuando te vas a ir a Miami (wow!!), y cuando te vas a empezar con el “VERANOOOOOOO DE ESPANOLLLLLLL” ?

    • Verano de español will be starting soon. I will post! Glad you got the chocolate. What did you think of the spiciness? Wow! :)

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