You down with O.P.P? (Yeah, you know me!)

When I was in middle school, there was a rap song they played at our lame school dances called “O.P.P” by Naughty by Nature. I think that half us didn’t even know what “O.P.P.” stood for, even though they break it down in the song. (And obviously, the school administrators had no idea what it meant or they wouldn’t have let the D.J. keep playing it!)

Okay, but I’m not talking about that kind of O.P.P. When I ask if you’re down with O.P.P., I’m talking about “Other People’s Pupusas”… (And not that kind of pupusa either. No sean mal pensados!)

My Suegra takes a lot of pride in her pupusa making skills – and they are good, but it’s the difference between a homemade hamburger and a Big Mac. Sometimes you just want the fast food version.

Today we were out running errands and I stopped at the Latino Market which has an attached cantina. I snuck over there while Suegra was fighting with the cashier over how crappy their phone cards are, and bought 2 pupusas de queso. When Suegra discovered me over there she chastised me in front of everyone for buying other people’s pupusas, but they were so worth it.


  1. Hahaha! I relate to that. I chastise my boyfriend all the time for even attempting to by other peoples baked goods. I’m with suegra on this one!

    • @ Grace – Well, you would make the baked goods for your boyfriend any time he asked, right? The difference here is that my Suegra only cooks when she’s in the mood to! … I want pupusas way more often than she is willing to make them so I have to seek out other sources. LOL.

  2. I like pupusas from central america, mexican gorditas, mexican sopes and arepas form south america they’re all good, a little different but good.
    And I don’t like messing with other people’s “anything” including pupusas… he he he, that might get me kill.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Miami.
    You were in middle school in the early 90’s!… I got a son your age!… OMG!, I’m old!… time flies.

    Saludos from an old man.

    • @ Cuty – Too much good food. I’ve been craving arepas but there isn’t anywhere to get them nearby. My comadre is Colombian. I think I need to visit her so she can make me some!

      I thought I was old but you made me feel better ;) LOL. Should I call you Abuelo Cuty? ;) (Chiste!!)

  3. Wow you are WAY younger than me too! I was finishing college by the mid 90’s. I’m okay with that.

    Pupasas look delicious! Are they a savory pancake? I want to try one now.

    • @ Pol – I have no idea why but the words “savory pancake” just made me laugh out loud.

      Pupusas are corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, and sometimes a mix of beans, pork and other fillings. You eat them with shredded cabbage/onion/carrot in vinegar which you can top with salsa. The pupusas are fried on a comal (griddle).

      I would send you one if I could!

  4. Sra. Lopez, you are too, too funny! Love that story about your Suegra chastizing you. When are you going to have a picture of la suegra? I say we begin a petition to have a picture of her right here on the site…LOL.

    Angelica @ Modern Familia

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