El Perro y El Gato

I know some of you are also trying to speak more Spanish with your chiquitos, so when something works, I like to pass it on.

A lot of parents think la television is evil and feel guilty about letting their children watch, but I find it to be an amazing tool. Okay, so maybe letting your kids zone out in front of a Spongebob Squarepants marathon isn’t educational – but it can be with a simple click of the remote.

Many TV shows and movies on DVD have the option to add Spanish subtitles or dubbing – USE IT! My kids actually do it themselves sometimes because they think it’s funny. If your child has watched a DVD so many times that they know the lines of the characters word-for-word, (that would be the Harry Potter movies at my house), it’s time to switch it to Spanish.

If you have some Spanish language channels in your cable/satellite package – even better. We have a lot of channels in español so we have quite a bit to choose from, but there’s one channel we no longer have that I miss. For a few months we had HBO Latino, and during that time we discovered “El Perro y El Gato” which is a fantastic Spanglish show for kids. There are a few episodes online though, so call the niños over here and click play.


  1. I totally agree that TV can be used in language education – especially with children.

    I also totally love how wonderfully and skillfully you use Englañol throughout your blog. It adds spice without hindering comprehension. I can almost “read” the melody of Spanish in your posts.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I had no these existed. Most bilingual videos I’ve found are pretty cheesy but this series has the wacky sense of humor my kinds and I enjoy. Very well done.


  3. If you have access HBO Latino or HBO Family, be sure to check out the fourth season of El Perro y El Gato. It will be available on the air and On Demand starting this coming September to celebrate Latin Heritage Month.

    • @ Hunter – Hopefully DirecTV will give it to me free for a little while like they do sometimes. We don’t subscribe to the channel but love that show. Thanks for the tip!

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