La Copa Mundial

I am so tired. I’ve been waking up at 7 am almost every morning to catch the first game of the day. Then I spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter watching the games with my friends, which is so much more fun than watching alone.

If you want to watch with me, come on over! (A small warning though, I got overly passionate during Mexico’s game and let loose a few dozen “Viva México Cabrones!” … This is not the Spanish I intend to teach my kids. My apologies to those with delicate ears.)

Yesterday, Mexico’s historic win against France had me feeling breathlessly excited for a country I have absolutely no roots in, (“I wish I was born Mexican, but it’s too late for that now.” – Morrissey), and today, I am proud of how the U.S. played against Slovenia, yet simultaneously pissed that their third goal was taken away, leaving it a 2-2 tie, instead of a win.

Whatever the outcome, I’m exhausted and my productivity is laughable. Somehow I’ve managed to keep up with the 2 articles per week deadline over at Copa Café. I will keep links to those posts here for those who want to go read them.

*All Paths Lead to Fútbol

*A Sweet Game

*U.S. Latinos: Never Offsides When It Comes To Team Loyalty

*On this day, we are all Mexicans

*Better Late Than Never

* Fútbol Fortunetellers

* Cheaters Never Win (Except in Fútbol)

* Best Commercials of the World Cup


  1. I feel just like you do!! thankfully, yesterday’s Mexico game was a bit later than usual. Although my lil Julián woke up around 4:30am and I was able to catch the first half or the Argentina game. But for the opening game I had to wake up at 4am to get the tamales and champurrado ready!!

  2. I know what you mean Pal, it is a different time zone for us too in Singapore and the match shown on 7.30pm and 10.30 pm time slot is perfect, watching the last match at 2.30 am would have been a ‘killer’ for us :)

    Know what? Here in Canada now and the slots are in the morning…..:)

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